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,*37:2 TWEN'1Y-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 172, rg3g_ burg. From Colden, via Waterville corners, to Springville. From North Blenheim, via Gilboa and Prattsville, to Clovesville. From Granville four comers to Middle and West Granville. From Schenectady, via Rotterdam, the church in the centre of Princeton, and Mariasville, to Braman’s corners. From Flushing to Manhassit. From Poughkeepsie via Crum Elbow,Pleasant plains, Clinton hollow, Shultz’s store, Clinton; ville, Milan, and Rock city, to Red hook. From Castile, via Portageville and Mixville, to Hume. From the store of Charles F. and J . C. Hammond and Company, Essex county, via Samuel Murdock’s at Long point, to the old fort at Crown point; then across Lake Champlain, to Chimney point, in Addison, and through Addison and Panton, to Vergennes, Vermont. From Malden, via Wynkoopsville, to Irvingsville. From Attica, via Orangeville and Wethersfield springs, to Pike. From Pine plains, via Gallatin, Ancram, and Copake, to Hillsdale. From Angola, via Col. lins centre, to Springville. From Aurora, via GrifIin’s mills, to Springville. From Clay, via Phmnix, to Fulton. From Somers, via Southeast and Patterson, to Pawlings. From Bouckville, via Pratt’s hollow, Stockbridge and Bennett’s corners, to Oneida castle. From Troy, via Pcestenkill, to Berlin. From Ellenville, via Greenfield, Southwick’s settlement, Wakeman’s settlement, and Miller’s settlement, to Monticello. From Harperslield centre, via North Harpersfield, to South Worcester. From Lexington to West kill. From East Hampton to Amogansett. From Clermont, via Elizaville and Jackson corners, to Montrose. From Norwich, in Chenango county, by Smyrna, Earlville, Poolville, East Hamil- `ton, North Brookfield, and Sangerfield centre, to Waterville, in Oneida county. From Ephrata, via Pleasant valley, to Newkirk’s mills, Fulton county. From Berne and Waldenville to Gallupville. From Mexicoville to Colos e. From Enfield to Newlield. From East Solon, via Truxton, Fabius, Pompey, and Jamesville, to Syracuse. From Darien centre, via Pembroke, to Alabama. From Lowville, Lewis county, New York, via Daysanville, Bellfort, Indian river, Diana and Harrisville, to Discontinued. South Edwards, St. Lawrence county. Dlscontinue as follows :—-From Hyde Park to Stanfordville, and Yrom Rhinebeck to Clintonville. From Lodi (Persia post office) to Collins centre. In Newlersey New Jersey.--From Tom’s river, via Dover furnace, New Egypt, ""°·’"*bl‘“h°d· Jacobstown, and Recklesstown, to Bordentown. From New Brunswick, by Millstone, to Flemington. From Hackettsville to Belvidere. DF P°“':g}H" .Penusylvania.—·From Hulingsburg, via Michael Traverse’s, Ross HL Corbett's mills, R. D. Lawson’s mills, Orr’s tavern, Kittaning, and George Ross’s mills, to Leechburg. From Apollo, via McAllister’s, Pitt’s mills, Lower Crooked-creek, salt-works, and Kittaning, to Orsville. From Reading, via Mollstown, Hunter’s forge, Klinesville, Michael Shalfer’s and Featherolfsville. From Shelocta., via Warren and North Washington, to Pittsburg. From New Alexandria, via New Derry, to Johnstown. From Greensburg, via Murraysville, Logan’s ferry, Alter’s store, North Washington, McIlvaine’s store, and Congruity meeting-house, to Greensburg. From Brownsville, via Greenfield and Columbia, to Monongahela city. From Cannonsburg, via Venice and Webster’s, to Raccoon. From Stumptown, via Mount Zion, to Lebanon. From Mexico, through Tuscarora valley, to Waterford. From Mercer to Westley. From Newcastle, via Eastbrook, to Harlansburg. From Newcastle, by Pulaski, Sharon, and Clarksville, to West Greenville. From Shamokin, via Coal post office, to Fountain springs, Schuylkill county. From Montoursville to John Barber’s mills, Plunket-creek township. From Caledonia, via the lirst fork of Bennett’a branch of the Sinnemahoning-creek, to Coudcrsport. From Hazleton, via East Sugarloaf; to Wilkesbarre. From Cumberland, Maryland, via Wellersburg, to Berlin. From Bath to Klecknersville. From Philadelphia, via Frankford, Fox Chase, Huntington, Sorrel horse, Davisville, Springville, Richborough, Newtown, Dolington,