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TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 51. 1840. 401 “ the appropriation for the increase, repair, armament, and equipment of the navy, and wear and tear of vessels in commission ;" and the amount of said appropriation, and of such other, as may be made hereafter for like purposes, and the materials which have been, or may be hereafter collected for the same, may be expended and used by the Secretary of the Navy, in building, replacing, arming, repairing, equipping, and employing any vessels which Congress may have authorized, or may hereafter authorize to be built, rebuilt, purchased, or replaced, in such manner as the interests or necessities of the service may reuire. q Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the A¤¤¤¤ls¢¤t¤- Secretary of the Navy to cause to be laid before Congress, annually, as soonafter the beginning of each year as practicable, a statement of the pended forms. amounts expended during the preceding fiscal year for wages of me- <=h¤¤i¢S’ wager. ehanics and laborers employed in building, repairing, or equipping, &’°‘ vessels of the navy, or in receiving and securing stores and materials for those purposes; and for the purchase of materials and stores for the same purposes; a statement of the cost or estimated value of the stores on hand, under this appropriation, in the navy yards at the commencement of the next preceding fiscal year; the cost, or estimated value, of articles received and expended during the year; and the cost, or estimated value, of the articles belonging to this appropriation which may be on hand in the navy yards at the close of the next preceding fiscal year. provisions, Sec. 5. And be it farther enacted, That, whenever in the opinion m¤¢¤¤‘i¤l¤» Gwof the Secretary of the Navy it shall be conducive to the public interest fsfé-2fc:f°:pf°’ to use any article of provisions, materials, or other stores, for a different pmprjutionfmm appropriation from that under which they may have been purchased for that ¤¤d¢1‘ the naval service, it shall be lawful for him to authorize such use, and :§:l;;‘§{u,d it shall be his duty to certify to the Secretary of the Treasury, the value · ` or cost of the articles thus used; and the Secretary of the Treasury, is hereby authorized and required to cause the proper officers of the Treasury to transfer the amount of such cost or value upon the books of the Treasury, from the appropriation for which the articles may have been used, to the appropriation from which they may have been or may be taken, so that the actual expenditure under each may be accurately shown. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the following sum, being the unexpended balance of a former appropriation which has been carried to the credit of the surplus fund, be, and the same is hereby reappropriated, viz: lfrize money, For distribution as prize money among the officers and crew of the bug Gen. Armprivate armed brig General Armstrong, per act of thrrtieth June, eigh· “"°"g· teen hundred and thirty-four, two thousand nine htmdred and seventy- ,834 cb 2,,, five dollars and twenty cents. Survizy of the Sec. 7. And be itifurther enacted, That there be appropriated, from coastfrcm Apany money in the reasury not otherwise appropriated, for the imma- “l“°h‘°°l“ MY- diate survey of the coast from Appalachicola Bay, to the mouth of the Mississippi river, for the ascertainment of the practicabihty of establishing a navy yard and naval station which shall best subserve the protection of the commerce of the Gulf of Mexico, the sum of ten thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Commissioners of the Navy Board. _ Transfers from Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That whenever the President of <>¤¤ head of ¤p- the United States shall have authorized the transfer of any moneys fiom f,’;‘${‘;‘€°“ "’ any head of the naval appropriations to other heads of naval appropriations as authorized by the act of Congress approved thirtreth June exgh- 1834, ch. 171. teen hundred and thirty-four, it shall be the duty_of: the Secretary of the Treasury, immediately after the naval appropriations for'the year shall have been made, to cause all such transfers to be repaid, by re- V01.. V.--51 2 1 2