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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Suss.H. Crx.7,S,20. 1842. 471 mc; Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania be, and he is hereby, Special session authorized to hold a special session ·.f the said court at a time to be by °“‘h°“”°d· him designated, in lieu of the regular session which was appointed by law to be begun and held on the third Monday of February, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, but was prevented by a vacancy in the office of district judge; and the marshal, clerk, and all other officers of the said court are hereby enjoined and required to make all needful arrangements for carrying into edect the provisions of this act. Arru0v1·:1>, March 19, 1842. """_' S·r·.u·u·r1: II. CHAP, VH. —·An dot Supplemenfdry to ¢m·¢Zci entitled “Jniact to amend the act lvlurch 19, 1842. approved May t/czrteent/t, one thousand ezght hundred, entailed An act to amend ···+—— gm net entitled an act to establish the judicial courts of the United States," °;|£VIH Br Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the A°*°fM¤'¤h United States of America in Congress assembled, That the judges of 3{g;?,$,:fig}£$g the courts of the United States in the State of Pennsylvania be, and wselectpersons they hereby are, authorized to appoint, when they deem it necessary, '° °¤"° ¤¤l¤· one or more commissioners in the different cities and counties, or any W"' of them, of the districts in which their courts are held, who shall have 18m' °h' u8' power, by virtue of such appointment, to select from the taxable citizens residing within the limits of the said counties and cities, a number (to be designated from time to time by the said judges) of sober, judicious, and intelligent persons, to serve as jurors in the said courts; andthe ecmmissioners so appointed shall return the names by them selected to Numesofmcsc the marshal of the proper drstrict; whereupon, the said courts shall, by selected to be due appointments, rules and regulations, conform the further designa- **"¤'¤€d *0 U18 tion and the empannelling of juries in substance to the laws and usages mmm1B' which may be in force in such State. Approved, March 19, 1842. Snrurc II. Cum-. VIII.-An dot ta authorize the Governors of the States of Illinois, .drleansas March 19 184% and Missouri to cause to be selected the lands therein mentioned. ---4- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representutives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the eighth The gm Sec, section of the act entitled "An act to appropriate the proceeds ofg the of ¤¢¢ Mh SBN- sales of the public lands, and to grant preemptions," approved Septem- jfs5g6g' w' ber fourth, eighteen hundred and forty-one, as provides that the selcc- ° tions of the grants of land made to the several States, therein mentioned, for the purposes of internal improvement, shall be made, respectively, in such manner as the Legislatures thereof shall direct, is so Far modified as to authorize the Governors of the States of Illinois, Arkansas and Missouri to cause the selections to be made for those States without the necessity of convening the Legislatures thereof for that purpose. Avrnoveo, March 19, 1842. ··-·—* Sruvrs II. CHAP. XX.—.Rn Act to amend the several acts establishing a district court of tlw Amit 14, jg4g_ United States at Jackson, in the District af West Tennessee. (a) ———~————-—- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the J:£§;0Sg`:2c?:_ United States af America in Congress assembled, That the district ed to the Sth ju. wurt of the United States at Jackson, in the District of West Tennes- dim! <¤t¢¤¤¢· d scc, shall in future be attached to, and form a part of, the eighth judi· jugs5f;`,:;; °" cial circuit of the United States, with all the powers and jurisdiction Associmejus. 0f the circuit court held at Nashville, in the middle district of"1`ennes- ii¤¤ ¤if¤¤PF<?餤 See. And it shall be the duty of the associate justice of the Suprenue ;3,‘:£i,?;0SE:,1d Court of the United States assigned to hold the court for the eighth cir- run mm, (0) Acts relating to the District Courts in Tennessee, vol. 2, 273.