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TWENTY-SEVENTPI CONGRESS. Sess. I1. Ch. 23,24, 25,26. 1842. 473 Scwrurn II. CHAP. XXIII.--dn dd to establish certain post roads, April 14, 1842 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives ¢y" the ____;` United States ¢y’ America in Congress assembled, That the following The Ostmds be established as post roads: From Rome, in Georgia, to Commerce, establbhed, dein the State of Mississippi, and also to Memphis in the Suite of Ten. Sig¤¤¢€d· nessee, namely, from Rome, through Warrenton, Decatur and Tuscumbin, in Alabama and Jacinto, in Mississippi, to Ripley, in said State, as ri common point, and from said point through Holly Springs and Hernando, to Commerce, and from Ripley through La Grange, in Tennessee, to Memphis, in said State. Arpxovnn, April 14, 1842. __;' Snruri: II. CHAP, XXIV,-Jin det to provide for the allowance of invalid pensions to certain Ap;-jl 14, ;g42_ Cherokee warriors, under the provisions of the fourteenth article of the treaty ’";—···—· of eighteen hundred and ihirtyrfive. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _ United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary (i°"'“"' Cl‘°‘ of War be, and he hereby is, required to place on the pension roll sueh ig bziaiigiilsds warriors of the Cherokee Nation, as were engaged on the side of the pensions. United States in the late war with Great Britain and the Southern Indiuns, and who were wounded in such service, at the same rates of pension as are allowed by law to the officers and soldiers of the regular army of the United States, under such rules and regulations as to the proof of disability as the Secretary of War shall prescribe: which pensions shall commence from the period of disability. Approved, April 14, 1842. —_`—" STATUTE II. Cnnp. XXV.-An jot relative to the act entitled, “.£n acl granting lands to cer- April g4, 1842, lain ami/es from Poland," approved, thirlietb June, eighteen hundred and thirty/· ····—j· f”“"‘ 1Jd:iii0i1iu;¤i7i0' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives if the I United States if America in Congress assembled, That the acts now Acts nowin in force for the sale of the public lands, and granting pre-emption rights f°‘i°° i-°{h*h° b to actual settlers, be, and the same are hereby, declared to extend to, ?;ia°;lds,B§,g ` and include, the lands selected in townships forty-four, forty-five, and enzendedtocerforty-six, north of the base line, range one east, of the third principal F'? 5""dSd;;‘ meridian, lying in the State of Illinois, by Lewis Clopicki, under color tz; ;cLl;,m,;,,g of the act entitled, "An act granting lands to certain exiles from Po- lands to Polish land." The said selections not having been made in pursuance of the °’“l°S· provisions of said oct, which act is hereby declared to be in full force, for the benefit of said Polish exilcs. Appnovrm, April 14, 1842. _·—· Sumvrs II. Crier. XXVI.—.ri/n Act for the extension if the loan of eighteen hundred and April 15, 1842. forty-one, and for an addition if jive millions of dollars thereto ; and for ttll0w· ··~········· ing interest on Treasury notes due. 18% 0h· Z87- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ States of America in Congress assembled, That the time limited by m'£g;° $z;‘;?,;m the lirst section of the not of Congress, entitled "An act authorizing it extended_ loan not exceeding the sum of twelve millions of dollars/’ approved July twenty-first, eighteen hundred and forty-one, for obtaining said Actofluly 21, loan, shall be, and the same is hereby, extended for one year from the 18* °h· 3* passage of this act. _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so much of said loan as may Igpanrciimbursbe obtained after the passage of this not shall be made reimbursable, as ° "’ W °"' shall be agreed upon and determined at the time of issuing said stock, Von. V.——60 2 1> 2