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488 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.30,31. 1842. Depredaijons. No. 210. For mail de redations and s ecial a ents, twenty-eight thoud d U P P g Y S sam dollars. Clerks. No. 211. For clerks for offices, (i. e. to deputy postmasters,) two hundred thousand dollars. Miscellaneous. No. 212. For miscellaneous, fifty-eight thousand dollars: Provided, 1; :’;i°·F*"¤¤€ That the President and the Postmaster General shall have the same H,, {,,,,,1; power to transfer funds from one to another head of appropriation, between the foregoing appropriations, made for the service of the General Post Othee, as the President and any other head of an Executive Department now have to transfer funds appropriated under one head to the service of another, in any other branch of the public service. Approved, May 18, 1842. Srnurra II. —-———-—- May 18, 1842. CHA?. XXX.-—-An .£ct changing the times of holding the circuit and district courts

 of the United States for the districts of East and I/Vest Tcnncsscc.(a)

1838, ch. 118; I Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Am °H°"‘ 18* United Sl te A ea.Co s bl d That the't d 1839, 0h_ 3_ O .' a s of m rw. m ngre s asseml ep, circui an ji/q1_ 2, $131 dlistriiplt corjtrts of the United States for the district of East Tennessee, _ ‘ime¤o od- sial erea er be held at Knoxville in said district on the first MonjggE;j?,F;‘j;‘s days in November and May, in each and every year, instead of the times mss6s_ heretofore fixed by law; and that the circuit and district courts for the West Tennes- district of West Tennessee shall hereafter be held at Jackson, in said S"' district, on the second Mondays in October and April, in each and every year, instead of the times heretofore fixed by law-—the spring terms of said circuit court at Knoxville and Jackson, as herein provided, to be held by the district judge; and should any difficult question of law arise Thejudge may in any cause, said judge may, at his discretion, adjourn said cause to mhonrnneause. the succeeding term of said court. And all writs, pleas, suits, recognizances, indictments, or other proceedings, civil or criminal, issued, commenced, or pending in either of said courts, shall be returnable to, be entered and have day in court, and be heard and tried according to the times of holding said courts, as herein provided. bRj_¤l¤ gays 50 Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That such rule days, for the reogdgx nksjc by turn of process and the filing of pleadings, may from time to time be the coms_ fixed,_and other orders made by said courts, respectively, not mconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, as may be 110- cessary or proper for the convenience of parties and the advancement J!i¤¤fg4j>¤t:th of business in said courts; and that the first section of "An act to 4§,l;8p8u,;,j’_ ° amend. an act, approved the eighteenth of .Ianunry,.eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, entitled ‘An act to amend an act entitled an act to require the judge of the district of East and West Tennessee to hold a court at Jackson in said Stateapproved June the eighteenth eivhteen hundred- and thiity-eight, and, for other purposes," approved, Jdly the fourth, eighteen hundred and forty, be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Avrnovnn, May 18, 1842. Srarrma II. _ """" june 1, 184% CHAP. XXXL-An dot to amend the act <y" the tenth of March, eighteen hundred -———— and thirty-eight, entitled “An act to change the time of holding the circuit and

 district courts in the district of Ohio.

,8,,, Ch. 5. Be it enacted by the Scnatc and House of Representatives of the United ·' State fA'C bldTh h fl ` qhc _;,,[y,,,,m I s 0 Imerica in ongress asscm e , at the term o tre cirpowbhcld atCo- cuit and district courts of the United States, in the district of Ohio, 1;% now required by law to be held on the first Monday of July, annually, ,,m,_ at Columbus, shall hereafter be held at the city of Cincinnati; and all process and recognizances, and other proceedings taken or issued, or made returnable at Columbus, at the said July term next, shall be re- (ai See notes to the act of June 18, 1839, chap. 3.