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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch. 190, 191. 1842. 521 SKC_ 2. And be it farther enacted, That the act entitled “An act to Actof March Provide for the m0r€ €ql1it&bi€ administration of the navy pension fund," ft 283,7;, °h· 38· Hppmved March third, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, be, and the iiiiegsiogs to be same is hereby, repealed, from and after the first day of July, eighteen reguwed achundred and forty-two. And all pensions to officers and seamen in the °°'d“l¥ I? ‘h° naval service shall be regulated according to the pay of the navy as it iiiiyilie isiscitgvy gxistcd on the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and January 1835. thirty-five. . _ _ Sec, 3, And be it further enacted, That so much of an act, en- ,é§g“ghA§€l6¤ titled "An act directing the transfer of money remaining unclaimed by paniallyirepeal- Certain pensioners, and authorizing the payment of the same at the ed; andthe Treasury of the United States/’ approved April sixth, eighteen hundred 1*;; and thirty-eight, as requires pensions that may have remained unclaim- to remain innslie ed in the hands of pension agents for eight months to be returned to hands of the the Treasury, be, and the same is hereby, repealed, and that the time :§‘igtf,1;’;f3g' within which such pensions shall be returned to the Treasury, be, and ' the same is hereby, extended to fourteen months, subject to all the other restrictions and provisions contained in the said act. Avmzovrzn, August 23, 1842. —-—-—- Sn·wa· II. Cmtp. CXC.—An .r2et for the relief of certain settlers in the Territory of Whs- A¤g·23, 1842. eonszn. ""‘;*‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House ry' Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That every settler in S°‘{l1°§'€ °‘ IV? the district of lands subject to sale at Mineral Point, in the Territory [,8;:;; ° of Wisconsin, who shall show, by proof which shall be satisfactory to fused entry unthe register and receiver of the land office at Muscoday, that he, by d°’&l’° 9**** { cultivation and possession, as required by the pre-cmption act of the ‘?-T:6!gg,af§3z’ nineteenth of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, was entitled to a allowed to enter right ofpre-emption; and that he, the said settler, was refused the privi- ;¥“° ‘¥“°"‘°' S"' . . . . ion elsewhere. leges granted by said act, ID consequence of the mineral character of 1834, Cb_ M__ the tract of land applied for by him, shall be permitted to enter, at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents an acre, one complete quarter section of land, of any lands in said land district which have not yet been oH`ered at public sale: Provided, That no tract shall be entered, Proviso. by any settler claiming under this act, which contains mines or discoveries of lcad orc, or on which there may be an improvement, or on which any person may have a residence, or which may have been re- _ served from sale: And provided, further, That the claimant, under this d;r°;E?;’P$°t act, and his witnesses, shall make oath, before a person duly qualified ghallmake Oath to administer oaths, to all the facts stated by them. mike {Mis Sec. 2. And be it furtlter enacted, That the provisions of this act be 8E5g1m, Ons of carried into effect, in conformity with the instructions which may be sm fpreaaqry given by the Secretary of the Treasury, to the register and reccxvcr of ¤<>_l;]¤ compiwd the land office at Muscoday. wu ` APPROVED, August 23, 1842. """""' Srmuws II. C1rAp.CXCI.—An Act to amend the acts of fuln, eighteen hundred and thirty- Aug. 23, 1842. sia, and eighteen hundred and thirty-ezght, allowzng penswns to certazn wzdvws. ·"‘·"*""Act of July 4, Be it enacted by the Senate and House if Representatives of the 1g_?}?- ¤}_;· ${128 United States of America in Congress assembled, That the nwrrlagc ch_ fggf ’ of the widow, after the death of her husband, for whose services she Marriageof the Claims il pension, under the act of the seventh of July, eighteen hundred §’;;i<:;“,;grl;)*;X§t° Hnd thirty-eight, shall be no bar to the claim of such widow to the bencht sion, if, Widow of that act, she being a widow at the time she makes application for a at the time of pension. ¤PPlY¤¤H· APPROVED, August 23, 1842. Vox., V.-66 2 12