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522 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. C1-1. 19*2,194. 1842- Snzruuc II. CHAP. CXCII.-—An Act or the t Florida militia called into service in

 the years eighteen hurulljed andP;z i?`w and eighteen hundred and forty.

[ so B el] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Claims of Flo, States of America, in Congress assembled, That the proper accounting ride militia, in officers of the War Department be, and they are hereby, directed to

§;;’;:‘£u;i;?· examine and adjust the claims for pay of Lieutenant Colonel Bailey and

' stall, Major Bailey and stall, the officers of the qua.rtermaster’s department, and the companies of Captains Grigsby, Hagan, Mclvers, Lungford, Hall, Burney, and Bailey, all of the Florida militia, called into service in the years eighteen hundred and thirty-nine and eighteen hundred and forty, as if they had been regularly called out and mustered: Pmviso, only Provided, That none of the troops herein specified shall be paid but

 *;§lllF:A'?m0 such as the Secretary of War rnay consider to have been called into

5,,,,,,,,; by the service under authority from said Department; and that no payment lvm Dep':. shall be made to any of the officers but such as were in proper propor- Cfggngugzwim tion to the number of men in service, according to the ex1sting laws, out 0; such mi and for none of the supplies beyond the proportion, or not of the deyice m be re- scription, authorized by existing laws and regulations; and that the said J°°*“d· uccounting officers be further directed to settle and adjust all claims ngrowing out of said service in the quartermastefs department, the subsistence department, for ordnance supplies, and supplies of the medical de artment and private hysicians. Seg.ofWar gm. 2.‘And be it fgrther enacted, That the Secretary of War be

  • ° d“`°°* *h° authorized to direct the payment of the accounts so settled and adjusted

£?gcn£i;€yp§g` by the said accounting officers, provided the whole amount of pay shall not exceed the not exceed the sum of seventy thousand six hundred and eighteen dols“"‘“ "‘““°d lets and six cents; for the quertermaster’s department, shall not exceed the sum of fifty-six thousand dollars; for subsistence shall not exceed thirty-two thousand nine hundred and twenty-two dollars and ninety-six cents; for ordnance supplies, shall not exceed one thousand seven hundred and one dollars and eighteen cents; and for private physicians and Appropriation medicine, shall not exceed five thousand dollars; and that, for the pay- ' ments aforesaid, :1 sum not exceeding one hundred and sixty-six thousand two hundred and forty-two dollars and twenty cents be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, August 23, 1842. S:m·¤vu·z: II. "_';' Au,_ 23 184% Gimp. CXCIV.-dn Act to authorize the selection of school lands in lieu of time ·—J’—L——— granted to the ha§‘¥-breeds of the Sac and Fox Indians. (zz) Ba it enacted by the Senate and House d` Representatives of the United Qounty com- Qtatas of America in Congress assembled, That the county commis-

  • f;¤¤gg;;i;’£u_ sioners of the county of Lee, ID the Territory of Iowa, be, and they are

thormdto hereby, authorized to select, of any of the public lands of the United make the selee- States subject to private entry within the Iowa Territory, one section lm- for each entire township of land in the “ haliibreed tract," in said county, and a proportional quantity for each fractional township in said tract, under such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretary Lunds selected of the Treasury; which land when selected, shall be subject to the same

  • >d;°;u‘i;£; rules and regulations, respecting school lzmds, as the sixteenth sections

16th section, in all the townships of the public lands ate subject. Avmovian, August 23, 1842.

(zz) Acts relating to Iowa, July 12, 1838, ch. 96.