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542 TWENTY·SEVENTH CONGRESS. SEss.II. Ch. 261, 262. IS42.

 and aldermep, of the said city of Detroit be, zndjhey are hereby, emi.

mem/0.Oum,15, tlsd to rccexvc from any person or persons aving possession of the, &c_0;,{,B board same, tha Journals, records, papers, and books of the governor and wirm under an judvcs of the late Territory of Michigan, acting as a land board, under fff{,§¥"“ 1806* the¤Act of April twenty-iirst, one thousand eight hundred and six, to powgrs, &c_ which this is a supplement; and that all powers and rights vested by the vesmd in said said act in the said governor and judges, for the purposes therein men- }’;’é’Q‘g*l2;"‘s{°" tioned, are hereby transferred and vested in the mayor, recorder, and mayor, gm aldcrmcn, of the city of Detroit, in the State of Michigan. And the M¤YQn &c. said mayor recorder and aldcrmcn are hereby authorized to institute ?"“}?°""d ’° proceedings ht law 0; in equity, in 2;ny court of competent jurisdiction msmute: legal . . . ’ proceedings_ m all cases where 1t may be necessary to carry mto cifect the purposes of this act. All property, Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That any land or other property, except the qqurt real or personal, remaining, except the court-house and jail erected h°“S° q"dJ“l· under the act to which this is a supplement, after satisfying all just vested m the . . . . . . . mW0f, &<>. claims provxded for m the first section of the act to whxch this is a supplement, is hereby vested in the said mayor, recorder, and aldermen, of the city of Detroit, to be disposed of by the1x1 at their discretion to the best advantage; and they arc hereby authorized to make deeds to purchasers tharcoi or other suificient convcyances; and the proceeds of the land or other property effects or claims so disposed of; and of other rights and claims of the said governor and judges, shall, aiier the pay- me-mt of all necessary expenses incurred in giving eifect to said act and to this act and in the adoption of such measures as they may deem necessary for preserving in proper form the records and other evidences of the proceedings of said governor and judges be applied by the said mayor, recorder and aldermen, to such object Sr objects of public improvement in said city, as the said mayor, recorder, and aldermcn, may Mayor, &c. to in council direct. And the said mayor, recorder and aldermen are

‘gi‘;’\s£ig;*h °’ hereby required to takc an oath or afdrmation for the faithful discharge

` of their duties under this act, and make a report to Congress, in writing, of their proceedings, on or before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four. Approved, August 29, 1842. STATUTE II. """"‘ Aug. 29, 1842. Cmxv. CCLXI.——An Act to provide for the payment to the State of Louisiana ef ""‘“_ “`—‘ the balance due said Stale for expenditures incurred in raising, equipping and paying of a regiment of volunteer militia, mustered into ihe service of the United Stains, and employed in the Florida war in the year one thousand eight hundred and tlzirly-six. Be it enacted by the Senate and Ho14se of Representatives of the United Appmarimion States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of sixty-one {§n%‘;Yd;e°£°g{1_ thousand three hundred and seventy-eight dollars and fifteen cents, be, ,5,8,,,, and the SZ11d' sum is hereby, appropriated, t0_pay ttl1c balance one the State of Louxsxqna for expenditures mcurred in raising, equepping and ' psyxgg 0% séregxment of volunteer militia, employed in the service of t c United States in the Seminole war. APPROVED, August 29, 1842. Srnrma II. —-——·---—- Au, 29, 18,% Cum. QCLXII.—.Aln Ac! to authorize the States of Indiana and Illinois lc select ...?..—.._. certuzn quantities of land, in lieu of like quantities heretofore granted to the said States, _/'0;Stne)c0nstruction of the Wabasin and Erie and the Illinois and Mahigan eana . a Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there be vested (fz) Act of March 30, 1822, chap. 14; act of May 26, 1824, chap. 165; act of March 2, 1827, chap. 51· 5Q , act oft May 29, 1830, chap. 161; act of June 30, 1834, chap. 137; act of Feb. 27, 1841, chap. 12; act 01 March .3, 1845, chap. 42.