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TWENTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C1r.260. 1842. 541 ritory for extra services, except to the presiding officers of the two Houses of said Assembly, nor for extra compensation to the Secretary of said Territory, nor to the Clerk of either House of said Legislative Assembly for the performance of duties required by law, nor for any other purpose not authorized by the eleventh section of the act of Congygss, npproved April twenty, eighteen hundred and thirty~six, entitled 1836, eh. 54. << An not establishing the '1‘erritorial Government of Wiseonsin," and the incidental expenses therein authorized shall be construed to be the ordinary and necessary expenses of the sessions of said Legislative Assembly, and no other. » snq,2. And be it _](ll7‘Ul07` enacted, That all accounts for disburse- Accounts or nents in the Territories of the United States, of money appropriated by territories to be Congress for the support of Government therein, shall be settled and “"h° adjusted at the Treasury Department; and no act, resolution, or order, y' of the Legislature ofeny Territory, directing the expenditure of the sum, shall be deemed :1 sufficient authority for such disbursement, but suilicient vouchers and proof for the same shall be required by said accounting oflieers. And no payment shall be made or allowed, unless the No payment Seoretnry of the Treasury shall have estimated therefor, and the {gS;’im“d°· ““‘ . . . pproved object been approved by Congress. No session of the Legislature of at by (;,mg,,,,,s_ Territory shall be held until the appropriation for its expenses shall have been made. In the adjustment of said accounts, no charge for the What officers services of a greater number of officers and attendants shall be allowed :‘g;’i;”"‘}_· ml than for one secretary and assistant secretary, or clerk, one sergeant-an P` y' arms, or doorkeeper, one messenger, and one foreman for each House of the Legislature, to neither of whom shall zi greater compensation than three dollars per day be paid. And it shall be the duty of the Secretary S<=9f¢{¤fi¢¤ ¤f of each Territory to prepare the acts passed by the Legislature for pub- cts liczition, and to furnish a copy thereof to the public printer of the Ter- {Or pub1im3.m_ ritory within ten days after the passage of each act. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That whatever sum of money Amount f¤¤;¤d shall be found due, upon such auditing and settlement, beyond the dug *° b° P°’d‘ amount of former appropriations, whether the same have been expended or not, be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise approprizrted. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That said accounting officers of Accounts gf the Treasury be directed to audit and settle the accounts for expenses ihé L¢glSl¤¢p'¤ of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Florida, not heretofore gc audited and settled, in the szune manner and upon the same principles gggtlgdin the herein prescribed for the settlement of the accounts of the Territory of Same m¤¤¤¢r» VVisconsin; and whatever sum of money shall be found due, upon such &°‘ auditing, be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. A1’PROVED, August 29, 1842. A """"' Suruzrm II. CHAP. CCLX.—An Act supplementary 10 "An tzcf l0 provide for the l1@'lL8l!77l87lt Aug. 29, 1842. qf iillcs to land in i/te town of Detroit, and Cllsrrilory of Mie}rigan,undfor other purp0scs," passed April twenty-mze, eighteen hundred and sw:. 21, 1806, CK 4g_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the mrryor, rc- DM=¤y9r,.&§· ¤f Gorder, and aldermen of the city of Detroit, in the State of Mrchrgzm, iz;§’Q’;°:;;,S‘;" be, and they, or zi quorum of them in council assembled, hre hereby, claims under. authorized to hesr, examine, and {molly adjust, all claims zmsrngnnder the qccw wfuch the act to which this is supplementary, against the governor and judges imp? °` of the late Territory of Michigan, and receive all moneys, or other rights to property to which the said governor and judges were entitled, or became entitled under said act. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said? mayor, recorder,