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540 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. CH258,259. 1842. terms and under such regulations and orders as well. for the custody and appearance of the prisoner? 01; prisoners asforfslengnng up to the appellate tribunal a. transcript 0 the petition writ 0 a eas corpus returned thereto, and other proceedings, as the jhdge hearing the said cause may Until and prescribe; and pending such proceedings or appeal, and until linalljndg. wd8mm_ and ment be rendereddtl1ere1n,_and after final Judgment of dxscbarge ig the ah r d` h , an rocee in a amst. sax nsoner or prisoners m any me g"$°°°£:’g;ri$ Zbrulgi or or undergthe authority of any State, for any zhatter or thing n:,ii°,,;gu,i§d_ so heard and determined, or in process of being heard and determined, under and by virtue of such writ of habeas corpus, shall be deemed null and void. APPROVED, August 29, 18452. Snruzrs II. Aug_29’ ]842_ CHAP. CCLVIII.-dn .8ct in relation to lands wld in the Greembw-git, lat, SL —-——————- Helena, land district, the_SZate q/' Lcruisiana, and autlwrizingt rgeuwgy of certain lands in said istnct. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ug‘{,°‘Sg“";';‘:f° States of America in Congress assembled, That in all cases where not isglfpa. _ gmdlsl sgml] hlavelbgep entereclhat the landfo£ice_ ih the Ggeensblprgg, lng tents. the cern- t. eeua an is nc m e a c 0 ouxsmna w ere the nite gg22S;;?;; States cannot issue patehts therefor, owing to the errors and imperfee Bummdmd to mms of the public surveys, or to ccnfhcting claims, xt shall be lawful for be cancelled. the person having made such entries, or his or her heirs or legal repre. sentatives, or grantees, or their heirs or legal representatives, who may [be] legally and equitably entitled to the same, alter a demand of the patent, and a refusal to issue the same, to surrender his or her certificate of purchase to the Secretary of the Treasury to be cancelled; and, upon such surrender, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to refund, without interest, the purchase-money for said lands to the person entitled to receive the sme, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriate . Presmemmay $1:0.2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the cause Um". President of the United States, if he shall deem it expedient, to cause vcyltff tge 1:;- a resurvey of all or any part of the lands lying in said district remain- '° ““ "* °‘ ing unsold, or the certificates for which may be surrendered in virtue of this or any other act of Congress, thereby correcting the surveys, and designating the lands covered by prxvete claims under Spanish or French grants gb and scé snort as styidhresrixrveys shall have been rieturlnpd an con rme y e ecre ary 0 e reasury the unrescrve pu 10 lands therein specified shall be subject to the laws for the disposal of the public lands, and patents therefor shall issue as in other cases; Pwvism Provzderl, That purchasers aforesaid may retain their certificates of purchase, and the surveys of said tracts shall be corrected, and when szud surveys are corrected, may receive their patents from the United States for the land so purchased by them. Approved, August 29, 1842. Srn·u·rz II. ————- Aug. 29, 1842. CHAP. CCLIé(.—-An Act to propde for the settlement of certain accounts for the [Obsolete.] supper af ovcrvzmcn an ze ernlory of W;seonszn,¤nd for other purposes. Be tt enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Accounts of United States of America in Convress assembled, Thnt the proper acme L°€iSl*'~‘iV° counting officers of the Treesur Be t t b d' d d`t d Assembly to be y par men `e rrectc to au 1 an Bama_ settle the accounts for the expenses of the Legrslauve Assembly of the No mmcom. Territory of Wisconsin, including the printing of the laws and other tssgrsqqltgn incidental expenses which have not heretofore been closed and settled the pwsiaihg P at the Treasury Department; but no allowance shall be made for extra gmc", sm compensation to any member of the Legislative Assembly of said Tcl'-