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TWENTY.SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 274. 1842. 571 that the present route from Henderson, in Houston county, to Bainbridge, be discontinued. From Albany to Thomasville. From Troupville to the Suwannee Springs, in Columbia county, Florida. From Waresborough to Mount Pleasant, Ware county. From Lafayette, in Walker county, to the Court-house, in Dade county. From Spring Place, Georgia, Cross Plains, Buzzard’s Roost, Medicinal Springs, Chestnut Flat, Lafayette, Summerville, Hopkinsville, and Cedar Blufi, to Jacksonville, Alabama. From Franklin, Georgia, Houston, Wadka, Standing Rock, and Fredonia, to Chambers Court-house, Chambers county, Alabama. From Americus, by way of Lumpkin, Irwinton, Alabama, Clayton, Montevallo, Montezuma, Covington, Carington, and Fort Crawford, to Blakely, Alabama. From Irwinville, by way of John Henderson’s and Mrs. Parish’s, to Troupville, Lowndes county. From Jacksonville, Telfair county, by way of Irwinville, to Albany. From Griffin, in Pike county, by way of Fayetteville and Campbellton, to Marietta, in Cobb county. From Americus to Cuthbert, Georgia. In Alabama.-From Asbville, by Holloway's Bridge, in St. Clair Anim,.,, county, to Jefferson, Alabama. From Lebanon, De Kalb, Alabama, to intersect the line from Rome, Georgia, to Elyton, Alabama, at Holioway’s Bridge. From Louisville, by Trenton, Larkinsville, and Berryville, to Bellefonte. From Thorn Hill, in Walker county, by way of William J ohnson’s, Pikeville, and Millville, to Cotton Gin Port, Monroe county, Mississippi. From Pikeville, Alabama, to Fulton, Mississippi. From Russellville, Alabama, to Jacinto, Mississippi. From Mobile, by way of Jackson, on the Tombeckbee river, Grove Hill, Mott’s post office, in Clarke county, Woodwardsville, Shiloh, Linden and Demopolis in Marengo county, thence by way of Erie in Greene county,·to Carthage, in Tuscaloosa county. From Milford, in Butler county, by Merril’s store, to Montezuma, in Covington county. From Hope post office, Picken’s county, Alabama, by the way of Fairfield, to Macon, in Noxubee county, Mississippi. From Gainesville, Alabama, VVahalak, Kemper county, Mississippi, to Macon, Mississippi. From Irwinton, by way of Jenkins’s Midway post office, and William Dick’s to Cubahachee, in Macon county. From Gainesville, in the State of Alabama, by the way of De Kalb, to Jackson in the State of Mississippi. From Black’s Blnfi, in Sumter county, to Tuscahoma, in Washington county. From Columbia, Henry county, by way of Woodville, Neel’s Landing, Florida, Cedar Bluff to Marianna, Florida. From Centreport, in Dallas county, to Greenville, in Butler county. From Barboursville, in Wilcox, by way of Beaver creek and Dixon’s Mills, to N anafalia, in Marengo county. From Bellefonte, by way of Larkinsville and Trenton, to Louisville, Alabama. And that the routes from Larkin’s fork, by way of Larkinsville, Trenton, and Sangston, to Marshall, and from Larkinsville to Woodville, be discontinued. From Montgomery to Troy in Pike county, and from thence to Dixon precinct and Scroggin’s mill to the Court-house of Dale county. From Suggsville in Clarke county to Mount Pleasant, in Monroe county. From Cahaba, Dallas county, by Hanell’s Cross roads to Marion in Perry county. From Marion by Union Tavern to Prairieville. From Tuskegee via Valverda, Union Springs, Aberfoil to Troy, in Pike county. _ In Mississzj2pi.—From Charleston, in Tallahatchee county, via M;s,iS,,Pp,_ Lincopolis, Big Prairie, in the county of Coohoma, Port Royal, to the town of Delta, Mississippi. From Grenada, Yallabusha county, to the house of William Denly, in said county. From Coffeeville, in Yallabusha county, to Houston in Chickasaw county, Mississippi. From Vic- . toria to Cofieeville, Mississippi. From Eastport to Jacinto, Mississippi. I _ Lz Louisiana.-From Vicksburg, Mississippi, via Richmond, H1ll’S L°¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- Ferry, on Bayou Macon, Mackey’s, and McCloud’s, on Deer creek, Norris, Sicily Island, to Harrisonburg, Louisiana. From the mouth