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'1`WENTY-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 95. 1843. 627 propelled by sails and Erickson’s propeller, and used exclusively in car- not required to Tying fi-eight, shall from odd ilftér the passage of this act be exempt PF¤V¤d¤¤ S¤¢1i¤¤ from liability or line for failing to provide, as a part of the necessary h°”°’ &°‘ furniture of such vessel, at suction hose and fire engine and hose suitable to be worked on such vessel in case of hre, or more than one long boat or yawl. SEC, 4, And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Pf°¢¤¤di¤2¤% Cgurt before which amy suit, information or indictment is or shall be {°£;:Q*§)f‘Q'u:’°’ pending for the violation, before the passage of this act, of so much of sec. aan7th the ninth section of the act aforesaid as requires " that iron rods or chains JUIY l$38» ch Shall be employed and used in the navigation of all steamboats, instead ;3;hd'S°°""' of wheel and tiller ropes," to order such suit, information or indictment ` to be discontinued, on such terms as to costs as the court shall judge to be just and reasonable: Provided, That the defendant or defendants in Prcviso. such prosecution shall cause it to appear, by afiidavit or otherwise, to the satisfaction of the court, that he or they had failed to use iron rods or chains in the navigation of his or their boat or boats, from 21 wellgrounded apprehension that such rods or chains could not be employed for the purpose aforesaid with safety. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That in execution of the authority ExpBr;,m,m,,; vested in him by the second section of the joint resolution " authorizing trinis ofinvenexperiments to be made for the purpose of testing Samuel C0lt’s sub- 3;”:;°1g;fo‘:‘$ marine battery and for other purposes," approved August thirty-first one swam laoilgrs, thousand eight hundred and forty-two, the Secretary of the Navy shall &c· authorizedappoint I1 board of examiners, consisting of three persons, of thorough A“*°» P- 584- knowledge as to the structure and use of the steam-engine, whose duty it shall be to make experimental trials of such inventions and plans designed to prevent the explosion of steam boilers and collapsing of Hues as they may deem worthy of examination, and report the result of their experiments, with an expression of their opinion as to the relative inerits and eflicacy of such inventions and plans, which report the Secretary shall cause to be laid before Congress, at its next session. It shall also be the duty of said examiners to examine and report the relative strength of copper and iron boilers of equal thickness, and what amount of steam to the square inch each, when sound, is capable of working with safety ; and whether hydrostatic pressure, or what other plan is best for testing the strength of boilers under the inspection laws; and what limitations as to the force or pressure of steam to the square inch, in proportion to the ascertained capacity of a boiler to resist, it would be proper to establish by law for the more certain prevention of explosions. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That so much of the act afore- 1;%* Yfigsgf said as is inconsistent with the provisions of this act shall be, and the Zépenlleé ’ same is hereby, repealed. Approved, March 3, 1843. · Survcrn IH.

  • ‘ _ March 3, 1843.

CHAP. XCV.—-in Act in relation in the ezemplgjicalizma if the records of land Ac, of July 4, gralcmfs and other evidences of iitle, and amemlalory of fha act entitled "An act ]836, eh, 352, I0 reorganize the General Land Oj'Zce.” Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United L. . . . . . 1teralexem· Sfafrs ty` America m Congress assembled, That literal exemplnfications pmmions of of any such records which have been or may be granted in virtue of records to be as the provisions of the seventh section of the act, approved on the ;°':n*:; fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, entitled "An act to bin www inreorganize the General Land Office," shall be deemed and held to be full. of the same validity in all proceedings whether at law, or in equity, wherein such exemplifications are adduced in evidence, as if the names of the officers signing and countersigning the same, had been fully inserted in such record.