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T WENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 47, 49, 50. 1844. 663 goods or merchandise imported into the United States, and exported Goods, &.c. from Said port of Lafayette, under the regulations aforesaid, shall be ¤¤*i¤l¢d¤> entitled to the benefit of drawback of the duties, upon exportation to d"““'b“°k· any foreign port or place, under the same provisions, regulations, restrictions, and limitations, as if the said goods, wares, and merchandise had been exported directly from New Orleans. Armtovmn, June 12, 1844. Srnurz I. CHAP. XLVIl.——An Act mlatin to the unladi 0 orei i agri tm wit mtg Mmm, $a££M3"o7Z'IL?”d ’° ‘”‘ "“ Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for Saltfrorn fvthe Secretary of the Treasury, under such rules and regulations as he {fig" {’°’“ mY shall prescribe, to permit salt imported from foreign places to be unladen aiieliigiiiiahaiila gn the right Bank of the river Mississippi opposite the city of New Or- of the leans, at any point on said right bank between the upper and lower §{,pp’· §Q°‘“° corporate limits Orme mumcapanmcs ofsaid city. °"'°°“*’· Approved, June 12, 1844. Srnun I. CHAP. XLIX.—.z.‘ln Act for repairing the roof of the courthouse in Alexandria. Juris 15, 1844. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the [0b==¤!¤¢¤-l United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of five APP’°Pl'l°*l°¤ hundred and fifty dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, out £gE,f—=g;·"Q?:§0$°f of any unappropriated money in the treasury, for covering the roof of house with tin. the United States court-house in Alexandria, District of Columbia, with tin; and that the same shall be expended, or so much of it as may be necessary, under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, who is authorized to contract for the same. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Commissioner of The zinc at the Public Buildings is hereby authorized and instructed to dispose of £"°§?“* °”d“}° the zinc with which the court-house in Alexandria is at present cover- ° mm ° ' ed; and to use the proceeds in part payment of the new covering. Am-rzovr-m, June 15, 1844.

  • ""'* Sruvrz I.

Can. L. ·- An Act granting u section of land for the improvement of Grant river June 15, 1844. at the town of Potosi, in Wiscmnsin Territory. """"""' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there be, and OM ¤¤¢¥i°¤ °Y hereby is, granted to the Territory of Wisconsin, section number thirty- Lg‘g,§"fd°:,;*f,,‘: four, in township number three north, in range number three west, of lots mid dis. the fourth principal meridian in the said Territory, for the purpose of P<>¤¤d °£ improving Grant river, known as the Grant Slue, at the town of Potosi, in the said Territory, and for no other use or purpose whatever: and the said land shall be surveyed, and divided into lots, and shall be sold and disposed of in such manner, and under such regulations and restrictions, as the Legislature of the said Territory shall establish: Pro- P vided, That in disposing of the same, pre-emption rights shall be granted I-°w°°' to actual settlers and occupants residing on said lots, at the time of the passage of this act, according to the provisions and restrictions in the next section provided. _ _ $120.2. And be it furtlrcr enacted, That the Surveyor General of eg<;':'g*;¤;‘f“‘ Wisconsin and Iowa, shall appoint three disinterested commissioners, ,,°,,,,edm€,,;,,, whose duty it shall be to view and examine all the lots which are actually occupied lots, occupied and improved, and assess the true value of said lots, without &°· taking into the estimation, any of the improvements on the same; and the occupants of said lots, by paying, within one year from the passage