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664 TWENTYLIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess.I. Ch. 51. 1844. of this act, the assessed value as aforesaid of their respective lots, shall be entitled to the right of pre-emption as aforesaid; and upon the failure of any, or all said occupants to do so, the said lot or lots to the extent Prong5U_ of such failure, shall be sold as other lots in said town: Provided, That the said occupants may at any time before said lots are sold, pay the assessed value and thereby save their right of pre-emption aforesaid: Furihtr pw- And provided further, That the said commissioners aforesaid shall, be- “S°‘ fore they enter upon their duties as such, be sworn faithfully to discharge their duties according to the provisions of this act; and they shall receive a compensation for their services to be prescribed by the P1‘¢viS¤- Legislature of said Territory: Provided, That the whole compensation to said commissioners shall not exceed the sum of one hundred and twenty dollars. Approved, June 15, 1844. Srrrurn I. 3,,,,8 15, 184.; Curr. LI. - An Act relating to certain collection districts, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represematives of the _C¢i‘*ei¤9<>ii¤¤· United States of America in Congress assembled, That from an after §§(‘;i‘;Q,";§‘°;]d the passage of this act, the districts of Ipswich, Massachusetts, St. annexed {0 Mary’s, and Snow Hill, Maryland, Folly Landing and East River, Vir- Oiiisi disilicis- ginia, and Sunbury, Hardwick, and Brunswick, Georgia, shall be and hereby are, abolished as separate collection districts, and shall hereafter be annexed to other districts, as follows, that is to say: Ipswich, to the district of Newburyport; St. Mary’s, Maryland, to Annapolis; Snow Hill, to Vienna; Folly Landing, to Cherrystone; East River, to Yorktown; Sunbury and Hardwick to Savannah; and Brunswick, to St. Provim Mary’s, Georgia: Provided, That the following places shall be, and are hereby, constituted ports of delivery, at each or any of which the President of the United States is authorized (if deemed necessary for the public interests) to appoint surveyors of the customs, to wit: At Ipswich, Mussachusetts; St. Mary’s and Snow Hill, Maryland; Sunbury, Hardwick, and Brunswick, Georgia; at or near Folly Landing, East proviso_ River, Virginia: And provided, That the following mentioned ports of delivery are hereby discontinued, and the office of surveyor established at said ports, respectively, is hereby abolished, to wit: Chester and Nanjcmoy, Maryland; South Quay, Virginia; Hertford, Murfreesbopm·,q,,0_ rough, and Swansborough, North Carolina: And provided, also, That the office of assistant collector, to reside at the town of Jersey, in the State of New Jersey, authorized by the act approved March two, one 1611, ali. as. thousand eight hundred and eleven, is hereby abolished. Sliisldsbp- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, from and after the passage {,;"§l;,xf§‘;;‘f of this act, the town of Shieldsborough, on the bay of St. Louis, in the try, and pmt. State of Mississippi, shall be the port of entry for the district of Pearl melon not. River, and the collector of said district shall reside at said Shieldsborough; and the present port of entry at Pearlington, in said district, Pmvisq, shall cease to be the port of entry: Provided, That Pearlington for said district, shall be, and hereby is, constituted a port of delivery. To be called Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the name of the district Qt dméiifl Oi hereinafter mentioned shall be changed, and bear the following name, °w r °°"" that is to say, Mississippi to be called the district of New Orleans. Armovnn, June 15, 1844. ·