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676 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 95, 96. 1844. Sruum: I. _ Cmir. XCV.——»dn dol to ovidc for the adnslment of land claims within the

 States of Missouri, Ar/ranges, and Louisiand, and in those ports { the States rj

J|h`ssiss@ and Alabama soul/1. of the Mirlyjirsl degree of nort latitude, and between the Mississqpi and Perdido rivers. (a) Be it enacted by the Senate and .H'ouse if Rsfirasentatives of the P¥<>Vi¤i¤¤¤ of United States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the §’§;ff;\g'}f"r?; expired act of the twenty-sixth of May, one thousand eight hundred and ghgylrglutgd to twenty-four, entitled “An act to enable claimants to land within the fh? $¤f!¤ ¤Y State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas, to institute proceedings _1x[v'g?1°Q;3 E; to try the validity of their clnims," as related to the State of Missouri tended, (excluding all such portions of said act as referred to the territory of 1324, cn. 173. Arkansas) be, and is hereby, revived and re-enacted, and continued in force for the term of five years, and no longer; and the provisions of that part of the aforesaid act hereby revived and reenacted shall be, and hereby arc, extended to the States of Louisiana and Arkansas, and to so much of the States of Mississippi and Alabama as is included in the district of country south of the thirty-first degree of north latitude, and between the Mississippi and Perdidq rivers, in the same way and with the same rights, powers, and jurisdictions, to every extent they can be rendered applicable, as if these States had been enumerated in the original act hereby revived, and the enactments expressly applied tc Di¤¤i¤! Q0\{¤’* them as to the State of Missouri; and the district court, and the judges

 thereof, in each of these States, shall have and exercise the like jurisspimqgh anddiction over the land claims, in their respective States and districts,

Bfiiish ¤l¤im¤· originating with either the Spanish, French, or British authorities, as by said not was given to the court, and the judge thereof, in the State of Missouri. Amuzovnv, June 17, 1844. Scrxrura I. "`_ J HUB 17. l844· Crm?. XCVI.-An dc! concerning the Supreme Court of the United States. 1*3,3 °(fhAi’,§j_]’ Be it enacted by tha Senate and House of Representatives of the s8S§10¤`O{ su. United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after Pwme Coun, the passage of this act, the sessions of the Supreme Court, heretofore

21;;.'“m""°" commenced and held on the second Monday of January, annually, shall

' instead thereof be commenced and held the first Monday of December, Proceedings, annually; and all actions, suits, appeals, recognizances, processes, writs, &¤- and proceedings whatever, pending, or which may be pending in said court, or returnable thereto, shall have day therein, and be heard, tried, proceeded with, and decided, in like manner as if the time of holding said sessions had not been hereby altered. Justice ofSu- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That liereaiier it shall not be Prime CQUN the duty of the Justice of the Supreme Court assigned to any circuit 33gl:1°g:Q`fgr; to attend more than one term of the circuit court within any district of of circuit gum such circuit in any one year; such term to be by him from time to time igrxilt {$*5; designated with reference to the nature and importance of the business Signmd bypending therein and the public convenience; and at such term, appeals him. and writs of error from the district court, questions of law arising upon statements of fact agreed by the parties or specially reserved by the district judge, and cases at law and in equity of peculiar interest or diffi- Ma mend culty, shall have precedence in the arrangement of the business of the any {thm, court; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to take away the mi-ms, right of such Justice of the Supreme Court, in his discretion, to attend (a) Notes of the acts which have been passed relative to land claims in Missouri, vol. 2, 812. Notes of the decisions of the Supreme Court on land titles in Missouri, vol. 2, 748, 812. Notes of the decisions of the Supreme Court on land titles in Louisiana, vol. 2, 288. Notes of the acts which have been passed relating to land and land titles in Louisiana, vol. 2, 324. Notes of the acts relating to the Territory, afterwards the State, of Arkansas; vol. 3, 493.