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'1`WENTY-EIGHTII CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 105. 1844. 691 For lighting Pcnnsylvanin avenue during the sessions of Congress, Ligmjngnxmsix hundred dollars; ¤Y!V¤¤1¤ me- For preparing indices to the manuscript papers of the Confederation nilsgices to and the papers of Washington, cnc thousand two hundred and fiRy·two Washington dollars ; p“P°'”· For compensation of the commissioner and clerk appointed tdmark Expenses of the boundary between the United States and Great Britain and for other commission m expenses of the commission, including the purchase and repair of in- g;’kb‘;‘:v2g;“‘ struments, wages of persons employed, and other contingencies, thirty- U_ ,,,d Gym five thousand dollars. Britain. For compensation to two commissioners to examine claims under the Exfaenses of n-amy with the Chcrokces of one thousand eight hundred and thirty- g°m{)¤iSSi°’} ¤¤· five, and pay of secretary, including provisions for Indians during the u;tyP°r°l`°° session of the board, and for contingent expenses, cleven thousand five hundred dollars. For dcfraying the contingent expenses of conxmissioners tq adjust Expepsps of claims to Choctaw reservations under the treaty of one thousand eight g°'“g’{”"’“ “"* hundred and thirty with the Choctaws, six thousand one hundred dol- ,,(;,y_)°°`°W lars: Provided, That the duration of either of said commissions shall Pmviso. not extend beyond one year after the passage of this act. To pay the expenses that may be incurred in conveying to the scat Expenses of of Government the votes of the electors of the several States for Presi- °°¤'<>Yi¤€ VOM dent and Vice President of the United States, twelve thousand dollars. °§€r;$?;°Ot; For survey of the coast of the United States, including compensation Cum survey. of superintendent and assistants, eighty thousand dollars: Provided, Proviso. That officers of the army and navy shall, as fur as practicable, be cm— ployed in the work, whenever and in the manner required by the Department having charge thereof: For carrying on the work of the custom-house [nt] Boston, fifty thou- Boston cussand dollars. ‘°'“‘hf’“°$* For continuing the preparation and publication of the Narrative and m;;:’£;“2"?‘;:f Account of the Exploring Expedition, forty thousand dollars. Pyoing 6, .,d·.,_ For the publication, under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy _ Maps ¤f?¤jpl<•- and of the Secretary of the Treasury, of such of the maps of the "ng “p°d‘t"‘ exploring expedition as, in their judgment, will be serviceable to the navy and the commerce of the country, two thousand dollars. T 0 defray the expenses of taking care of and preserving the botan- h {_?t?¤;*::¤ll¤¤d ical and horticultural specimens brought home by the exploring expe- S§ec’§°;,,n;°&,,_ dition, and for the salary of the keeper of, and enlarging the green house under the direction and control of the joint committee on the library, twenty-two hundred dollars. Light-house Establishment.-—-For the support and maintenance of Li%p:-house light-houses, floating lights, beacons, buoys, and stakcagcs, including °’§‘;:;£:‘,°‘:Q°_ the purchase of lamps, oil, wicks, buiiiskius, whiting, and cotton cloth, ' transporting oil, and for kccpcrs’ salaries, repairs, improvcmentspmd contingent expenses, three hundred and eighty-five thousand four hundred and sixty-five dollars aud seventy-five cents. For expenses of superintendents in visiting their light-houses amnu— Expenses ur idly, and examining and reporting their condition, two thousand dol- ““P°”“‘°"d°“*° ars. For superintendents' commissions, at two and a half per ccntum, Bn§S*}1;*2’g:‘%*;d‘ Hinc thousand six hundred and ninety-four dollars and fourteen cents : sms_ Provided, That no superintendent shall receive any of the commxssmns Pmviso. whose compensation may exceed two thousand dollars per annum. _ _ Surveys of Public Lands.-For surveying the public huds,111 addi- uga;';;;; iii0H to the uncxpended balance of former appropriations, to be 3pp0}’- P ' tioncd to the several districts, according to the cxigencies of the public · S€1'ViG6, Bxclusivc of surveys in Louisiana, ouc hundred and tim thou- surveying wm sand dollars. _ _ _ reference to For S¤1‘V0yiI1g, with reference to mines and mmcruls, m that p0!'fl0D ¤¤¤¤¤·