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694 TYVENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 105. 1844. the amount asked for the current year for which such estimates shall be made; and whenever any such subsequent estimate shall ask for an appropriation for any such work beyond the original estimate of the cost, the full reasons for the excess and the extent of the anticipated excess shall be also stated. l , Part otcthSec. 3. And be it further enacted, That so much of the sixth sec- ¤°°· ¤f Mt OY tion of the act entitled "An act legalizing and making appropriations Aug. 26, 1842, . · - . 0h_ 202, IEP6d_ for such necessary objects as have been usually included in the general ed. appropriatron bills without authorit of law and to fix and rovide for PP _P _ _ Y o P certain incidental expenses of the departments and offices of the Government, and for other purposes," approved on the twenty-sixth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, and which enacts, that the several offices and employments therein before mentioned, except such as were otherwise limited by the act, shall be continued until the first day of July one thousand eight hundred and forty-four be and is hereby repealed;,and the various provisions of the said act donceru- Ifrovisions of ing the said several offices and employments thereby legalized are here-

d*:°;!:é’:)“,;B by rc-enacted, and declared to be in full force and operation until the

in ;,,,,,,,nnJ,,|y first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, and no 1, 1845. _ longer. That, for the compensation of the several offices and employ- 0&‘;,'{::l;‘;l‘S€D*;?“ ments legalized by the said act of the twenty-sixth day of August, one ingniizcdbysaid thousand eight hundred and forty-two, for the fiscal year ending the act. thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, the __ sum of forty-one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two dollars and c{;:l,g;f’,;;lmn_ fifty cents be, and is hereby, appropriated. That the Secretary of the ,,,,,,,,,1;-,,,,,,,,, Senate, and Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and they are year. lliereby, authorized to continue, for one year, the employment of the aditional clerks authorized by any existing resolution of their respective Houses, and the sum of nine thousand dollars be, and hereby is, appropriated for their compensation. For deficien-_ Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the following sums are

 ‘g’l";gg"' hereby appropriated to supply deficiencies in the appropriationsfor

yen, ending various objects made for the service of the fiscal year ending thirtieth J uns 30; 1844. June, onethousand eight hundred and forty-four, to be paid out of any unappropriatcd money in the Treasur namel : Arranging lst- For expenses incurred in the officciiiof the yFirst Comptroller of the ‘°"· Treasury in preserving and arranging important letters of the office which have been lying in mass since the burning of the Treasury, in continuation of an appropriation last year, twelve hundred dollars; t52E25a:?;:;- Iipr arrearages ofbszilzéries of pupermtendent and watchman of the · sou east executive ui ing, including ten dollars short appropriated fordtlpe caltindar yeair, ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred an orty-t ree, an twenty dollars for the fiscal year ending thirtieth _ _ June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, thirty dollars; h?g%€¤¤5;¤§=;f¤ For arrearages of contingent expenses in the office of the Adjutant ml., gmc_ Geperali fipe hundred dollars; Cl it al orcer to the hief . .1 t t f- Jl ‘ltht

 ber   0..., a§.,.i“L‘¥.?i.t°i‘iEZ5F§d"§,.i°?I,‘.r`Ll..‘Z§ `a;.,.§’ il3i$Z’a

Extra clerk and th- { " y ’ him www of irty-hvc dollars; Provisions and For arrears of extra clerk hire in the bureau of Provisions and Cloth- Cgzgppézéscs for ing, five hundred and thirty-eight dollars; cxccmive cmu_ Por three large book-cases, made Ru the use of the Executive office bporiria. _ Flcérida Territory, one hundred and twenty dollars; _*°S¤_¤“"° or arrearages of former sessions of the Le islative Council of Flo gg,:"°‘l °f Fl°‘ rida, four hundred dollars; g _Purehase of For amount expended for the purchase of a site for a light house on

 B0ddy’s island, North Carolina, being part of the amount appropriatcc

dyn, bland_ for that purpose, carried to the surplus fund on the thirty-first of Dc N. C.