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'DWEN’1`Y-EIGI·I’I`II CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 105. 1844. 695 cembcr, one thousand eight hundred and forty, three hundred and iii? teen dollars and forty-uiuc cents; pm- preparing indices to the manuscript papers ofWashing1em, being Indices co an ammage for the fiscal year ending thirticth June, one thousand eight W¤Shi¤@*¤¤ hundred and forty-four, one thousand one hundred and eight dollars; paws' Fmi completing the work of the custom-h0u§e ip Wilmington, N with Cus[Om,h0uB° (jgwlmu, including the purchase of a lot adjoining the site, nineteen ¤¤Wiir¤i¤gwn, thousand nine hundred dollars; N- C- For cxpcnsgy incident to the issue of Treasury notes, four thousand Issue of Trai;. dollars: Provzded, That no part of this appropriation be applied, and my ¤_<>¢•>s. HO compensation shall be made: to any officer whose salary is established P'°"s°· by law for preparing, signing or issuing said Treasury notes. For expenses in relation to the Loan, eight thousand dollars; Expenses of For salary of an assistant surveyor, to survey the private claims in l<>¤¤-_ Florida, under the direction and supervision of the surveyor general of A“‘Sl“‘}§1""" Florida, one thousand dollars; · lililsr m O, For pay of chziiri carriers, markers, transportation, provisions, &c,, Ch¤i¤ carriers, for ditto, fifteen hundred dollars; · &°· fm S*"“°· For salary of an assistant surveyor, to have charge and oversight of Assistant sup

 the re-surveys in the Greensburg (late St. Helena) district, Louisiana, *’¤Y<>¤‘i_Gf?¤¤¤-

under the direction and supervision of the surveyor general of Louisiana, burg d]sm°°‘ one thousand dollars; For outfit of the late charge d’aiTuires to Texas, four thousand fivc Chargé d’¤f- hundred dollars; {wes '° Texas- For arrearages in Black Hawk war, in one thousand eight hundred Capt. R. Anand thirty-two, due Captain R. Anderson, on report of the accounting d€“°“· oflicers, four hundred and forty-one d0llar$ and forty-seven cents ; ` For arrearagcs due marshals und district attorneys, one thousand ilvc Maysbvls and hundred dollars; 5ft;'" °"°" For arraaragcs of contingent expenses of branch mint at New Or- C};;ylg_cXp_0f leans, ten thousand dollars; minwt New For arrcarages on account of :1 survey for an extension of the Na- €g£*;:s’0fNa tional Road to JeH`ers0n, Missouri, one thousand three hundred and tional1g0a1d_ ` fifty-nine dollars and eighty—0ne cents ; For the purpose of completing and rendering secure and tenzmtablc Completing the State House in Florida, twenty thousand dollars: Provided, That ;$i:f£;°“s°'“ this act shall not be construed as sanctioning any excess of expenditure pmvisim heretofore made beyond former appropriations for that object, nor as authorizing any further expenditure beyond the amount hereby appropriatcd in completing said building; For settlement of the claims of Sextus Shearer for goods furnished S· Sh°“°*‘· the New York Indians, one thousand five hundred and twenty-three dollars and five cents, to be paid out of balances of appropriations heretofore made for blzxcksmithsf establishments in the Indian sarvice; For completing the marine hospital at the town ofMcD0r10ugh, 0pp0~ l`i{¤:1£/f }S*SP*· site to the city of New Orleans, thirty thousand dollars; 23m2h ° °` For the payment of Jeremiah Smith, jr., as per schedule to the Sac Jeiemiah and Fox treaty, concluded eleventh of October, one thousand eight hun- SIMU- dred and forty-two, and the act of Congress of third of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, for carrying into eilcct the pro- 1843, ch. 80- visions of said treaty, four thousand dollars. T 0 defray arrearagcs of expense of the commission appointed to rrizirk £;;*1?’§;Ss;%‘;;; the boundary line between the United States and Great Britain, eight between U S thousand dollars; and Qr.Brimin. T0 Satisfy the claims of the State of Maine, under the stipulations of ]`gi*::‘;fL the treaty between the United States and Great Britain, concluded 0n mmy'v_.m, the ninth of August, one thousand eight hundred zmd forty-two, a sum Gram Bmain. not exceeding eighty thousand dollars;