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724 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 15, 16. 1845. Arrcaragcs. For zmcaragcs provided for by acts of third March, eighteen hundred 18}% ¢g· gg- and seventeen, and second [first] May, eighteen hundred and twenty, 1820* ° ‘ ‘ payable through the accounting officcs, one thousand clollars. Deficicncicg Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That the follovnnnglsums be, and f°* YW' Bnding the same are hereby appropriated, to supply dcficncucxcs m the appro. 301h June 1845 · - · · · ' pmmons made for the payment of pcnsnons during the fiscal year cndmg on the thirticth J unc, eighteen hundred and forty-five, under the followino heads, viz: i836· $-362- cFon- pensions under the act of July fourth, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, seventy-six thousand dollars; _ !838· °h· 189- For widows’ pensions under acts of July seventh, mgbteen hundred 1842, 9h_ ;g;_ and thirtyfleiggt, Eng Auggsg tyventy-third, eighteen hundred and forty- two, two un rc thousand ol ars · 184.3, ch. 102. For widcws’ ensions under the; act of March third, eicrhtccn hum rc an orty- rco wen y-mnc ouszm 0 rs. dd df rg z z’:h ddl1a ° Avmovzu, Fcbru’ary 20, 1845. Snmum II. -—-—-— Feb. 20, 1845. Crux-. XV.-An .0ct restricling the grant of pemiam in ceriain cases. _ Be it enacted by the Senalc and House of Representatives of the w‘d‘?“'€" PE"' United States ¢y" America. in Congress assem led, That from and aiicr sums hmztcd. . . . the passage of thxs act a pcnsxon shall not be grlzlntid tg any window for or during any part or portion of the time hcr us an may ave received one, whose declaration therefor shall not have been made on or before the thirtieth day of April one thousand eight hundred and forty- four, and shall not have been received at the pension ofllcc on or before the twenty-third day of January, one thousand eight hundred and forty- live. APPROVED, February 20, 1845. S·u·r¤·rz II. .. Feb. 20, 1845. Cnn. XVI. ·—-An Act to quiet the tiiles to vermin lots zf land in the towns qf """“"""' Pmyswrg and Croghansville, in the State of Ohio. Be it enacted by ihe Senate and House of Representatives of the tg;°:;l°f which United States of America in Congress assembled, That all titles to " am town lots and out lots in the towns of Perr sbur and Cro hansvillc in confirmed. _ _ _ Y g g s the State of Ohio, derived from saxd State under color of the grant made to said Statc_by virtue of the act of Congress entitled "An act for laying out and making a road from the lower rapids of the Miami of Lake Eric tc? tgc western boundary of the Connecticut western reserve, in the State 0 hio, aqrccably to the provisions of the treaty of Brownstown " ap- 1823. ch. 16. proved the 'Lwcnty-eighth of February, one thousand eight hundrcli and Ewen?-threei, bc, and the same arc hereby, recognised as valid and conrmc in t c same manner as thourrh the title to said lots had been List oflots to vcgtc-:d,ln the State under the aforesgid act: Provided, That the autho- ‘€°;;';°*£?gl5° ruin? of thefsaicl Etaés sgall, within one year from and after the passage Om _ 0 t IIS act, urms the ommissioner of the General Land Officc with a C8 ccrtxlicd list of all lots heretofore sold and disposed of under color of the Confnrmations above recited act: And provided, also, That all the confirmations ingalghxziingf tended by thssinct shall amount only to a relinquishment forever, on the me right Umm pnnit og the Unnitcd gtatclzfgf all theig right and title whatever to the lots United Smeg. 0 an so con rme : provide , further That nothing in this act

 contamcd shall be construed to comprehend vgithin the provisions there-

Eds an of such town lots and out lots, or other tract or tracts of land, as may hnvo been reserved, or directed to be rescrvcd, within the limits of either of nun! towns of Pcrrysburg or Croghansvillc, for the support of Act of April schools wnbml nlm same, in and by the third section of the act entitled 26, 1816, eh_ "An act provlding for lhs sale of the tract of land at the lower rapids 102. of Sandusky r1ver," or m and by any provision contained in the act en-