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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 121. 1836. 59 Fwlr. That the two entire townships of land which have already Seminary oi been located by virtue of the act entitled "An act concerning a semi- 1°""'l“€· nary of learning in the Territory of Arkansas," approved the second 1827’°h'53' of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven, are hereby vested in and confirmed to the General Assembly of the said State, to be appropriated solely to the use of such seminary by the General Assembly : Provided, That the five foregoing propositions herein offered, Prcwiso. are on the condition that the General Assembly or Legislature of the said State, by virtue of the powers conferred upon it by the convention which framed the constitution of the said State, shall provide by an ordinance irrevocable without the consent of the United States, that the said General Assembly of said State shall never interfere with the primary disposal of the soil within the same by the United States, nor with any regulations Congress may find necessary for securing the title in such soil to the bona Jide purchasers thereof; and that no tax shall be imposed on lands the property of the United States; and that in no case shall non—resident proprietors be taxed higher than residents; and that the bounty lands granted, or hereafter to be granted, for. military services during the late war, shall, whilst they continue to be held by the patentees or their heirs, remain exempt from any tax laid by order or under the authority of the State, whether for State, county, township, or any other purpose, for the term of three years from and alter the date of the patents respectively. Approved, June 23, 1836. ——-— Srururs I. Cru?. CXXI.-An Act suyrlementary to the act entitled “An acl to establish the June 23, 1836. northern boundzjgy line of the State of Ohio, and to provide for the admission of the State of ichigan into the Union on certain conditions. ’ 15, 1836, 6h_ 9g_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House ¢y" Representatives of the United States rfnlmeriea in Congress assembled, That in lieu of the propositions P¤'<g><>¤i*i<>¤¤ submitted to the Congress of the United States by an ordinance passed gg33m;); 0;-}*** by the convention of delegates at Detroit, assembled for the purpose of the Legislature making a constitution for the State of Michigan, which are hereby <>fMi¤l¤S¤¤· rejected; and that the following propositions be, and the same are hereby offered to the Legislature of the State of Michigan, for their acceptance or rejection, which if accepted, under the authority conferred on the said Legislature by the Convention which framed the constitutionpf the said State, shall be obligatory upon the United States. S _ First. That section numbered sixteen in every township of the public lmfggttzggb lands, and where such section has been sold or otherwise disposed on ' other lands equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be ~ granted to the State for the use of schools. Seeond. That the seventy-two sections of land set apart and reserved sm;,,,, gf for the use and support of a university by an act of Congress approved land for univeron the twentieth day of May, eighteen hundred and twenty-six, entitled “"Xct of Ma "An act concerning a seminary of learning in the Territory of Michi— 20, 1826,ch. gan," are hereby granted and conveyed to the State, to be appropriated solely to the use and support of such university, in such manner as the _ Legislature may prescribe; And provided, also, That nothing herein Pr¤v¤¤¤· contained shall be so construed as tc impair or affect in any way the rights of any person or persons claiming any of said seventy-two sections of lands,under contract or grant from said university. Third. That live entire sections of land, to be selected and located Erection gf under the direction of the Legislature, in legal divisions of not less public buildthan one quarter section, from any of the unappropriated lands belong- “‘g“‘ ing to the United States within the said State, are hereby granted to the State for the purpose of completing the public buildings of the sud State, or for the erection of public buildings at the seat of Government of the said State, as the Legislature may determine and direct.