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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 149--MAY 25, 1939 Pay and allowances. Retired enlisted men. Undrawn clothing. Marine Corps Re- serve. Mileage, etc. Aggregate; account- ing. Civil force. Proviso. Number of enlisted men at headquarters. Filling of vacancies by civilians; pay rates. 5U.S. c. § 6161-674; Supp. IV , J§ 673, 673c. men, post-exchange debts of deserters, and of men discharged or sen- tenced to terms of imprisonment while in debt to the United States, under such rules as the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe, and the authorized travel allowance of discharged enlisted men, and for prizes for excellence in gunnery exercises and target practices, and communication competitions, and for pay of enlisted men designated as Navy mail clerks and assistant Navy mail clerks both afloat and ashore, and for gratuities to enlisted men discharged not under honorable conditions-pay and allowances, $9,192,143; allowance for lodging and subsistence, $735,848; in all, $9,927,991; For pay and allowances prescribed by law of enlisted men on the retired list, $877,481; Undrawn clothing: For payment to discharged enlisted men for clothing undrawn, $208,850; For pay and allowances of the Marine Corps Reserve (a) exclud- ing transferred and assigned men, $1,000,913; (b) transferred and assigned men, $534,219; in all, $1,535,132; For mileage and actual and necessary expenses and per diem in lieu of subsistence as authorized by law to officers traveling under orders without troops, $175,000; In all, $20,389,000, and the money herein specifically appropriated for pay of the Marine Corps shall be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with existing law and shall constitute one fund. PAY OF CIVIL EXPLOYEES, MARINE CORPS Pay of civil force: For personal services in the District of Colum- bia, as follows: Offices of the Major General Commandant and adjutant inspector, $136,200; Office of the paymaster, $48,700; Office of the quartermaster, $152,920; in all, $337,820: Provided, That the total number of enlisted men on duty at Marine Corps Head- quarters on May 7, 1930, shall not be increased, and in lieu of enlisted men whose services at such headquarters shall be terminated for any cause prior to July 1, 1940, their places may be filled by civilians, for the pay of whom, in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, either or both the appropriations "Pay, Marine Corps" and "General expenses, Marine Corps" shall be available. GENERAL EXPENSES, MARINE CORPS eneral expenses. For every expenditure requisite for, and incident to, the authorized work of the Marine Corps, other than as appropriated for under the headings of pay and salaries, as follows: rovisnFor provisions, . For provonssubsistence, board, and lodging of enlisted men, recruits and recruiting parties, and applicants for enlistment; cash allowance for lodging and subsistence to enlisted men traveling on duty; ice, ice machines and their maintenance, $2,961,255; Clothing. PFor clothing for enlisted men, $1,125,000; Fuel, etc. For fuel, heat, light, and power, including sales to officers, $635,000; Military supplies, For military supplies and equipment, including their purchase, repair, preservation, and handling; recreational, school, educational, library, musical, amusement, field sport and gymnasium supplies, equipment, services, and incidental expenses; purchase and marking of prizes for excellence in gunnery and rifle practice, good-conduct badges, medals, and buttons awarded to officers and enlisted men by the Government for conspicuous, gallant, and special service; rental and maintenance of target ranges and entrance fees for competitions, $940,000; Transportation, etc. For transportation of troops and applicants for enlistment, includ- ing cash in lieu of ferriage and transfers en route; toilet kits for issue 776 [53 STAT.