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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 1 ST SESS.-CH. 248-JUNE 29, 1939 During the fiscal year 1940 the head of any department or inde- pendent establishment of the Government having funds available for scientific investigations and requiring cooperative work by the Na- tional Bureau of Standards on scientific investigations within the scope of the functions of that Bureau, and which the National Bureau of Standards is unable to perform within the limits of its appropria- tions, may, with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce, transfer to the National Bureau of Standards such sums as may be necessary to carry on such investigations. The Secretary of the Treasury shall transfer on the books of the Treasury Department any sums which may be authorized hereunder, and such amounts shall be placed to the credit of the National Bureau of Standards for performance of work for the department or establishment from which the transfer is made, including, where necessary, travel expenses and compensa- tion for personal services in the District of Columbia and in the field. The appropriation under title III herein for traveling expenses shall be available for the National Bureau of Standards in an amount not to exceed $4,500 for attendance at meetings concerned with stand- ardization and research or either, when incurred on the written authority of the Secretary of Commerce. Total, National Bureau of Standards, $2,266,000, of which amount not to exceed $1,914,000 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia. BUREAU OF LIGHTHOUSES Salaries: For the Commissioner and other personal services in the District of Columbia, $126,400. General expenses: For supplies, including replacement of and necessary additions to existing equipment, repairs, maintenance, and incidental expenses of lighthouses and other lights, beacons, buoyage, fog signals, lighting of rivers heretofore authorized to be lighted, light vessels, other aids to navigation, and lighthouse tenders, includ- ing the establishment, repair, and improvement of beacons and day marks, and purchase of land for same; establishment of post lights, buoys, submarine signals, and fog signals; construction of necessary outbuildings, including oil houses at light stations, at a cost not exceeding $2,500 at any one light station in any fiscal year; improve- nlent of grounds and buildings connected with light stations and depots; restoring light stations and depots and buildings connected therewith: Provided, That such restoration shall be limited to the original purpose of the structures; wages of persons attending post lights; temporary employees and field force while engaged on works of general repair and maintenance, and laborers and mechanics at lighthouse depots; rations and provisions or commutation thereof for working parties in the field, officers and crews of light vessels and tenders, and officials and other authorized persons of the Lighthouse Service on duty on board of such tenders or vessels, and money accruing from commutation for rations and provisions for the above- named persons on board tenders and light vessels or in working parties in the field may be paid on proper vouchers to the person having charge of the mess of such vessel or party; not exceeding $3,500 for packing, crating, and transporting personal household effects of employees, not to exceed six thousand pounds in any one case, when transferred from one official station to another for permanent duty; purchase of rubber boots, oilskins, rubber gloves, goggles, and coats, caps, and aprons for stewards' departments on vessels; reimbursement under rules prescribed by the Secretary of Commerce of keepers of 913 Cooperative work with departments, etc., on scientific in- vestigations. Transfer of funds. Attendance at meet- ings. Total; services in the District. Salaries. General expenses. Aids to navigation. Proviso. Restoration limited to original purpose. Personal services. Transportation of effects. Reimbursement for rations, etc., furnished shipwrecked persons.