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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 248 -JUNE 29, 1939 light stations and masters of light vessels and of lighthouse tenders for rations and provisions and clothing furnished shipwrecked persons who may be temporarily provided for by them, not exceeding in all $1,000 in any fiscal year; fuel, light, and rent of quarters where necessary for keepers of lighthouses; purchase of land sites for fog signals; rent of necessary ground for all such lights and beacons as are for temporary use or to mark changeable channels and which in consequence cannot be made permanent; rent of offices, depots, and wharves; mileage; library books for light stations and vessels, and technical books and periodicals not exceeding $750; traveling expenses of teachers while actually employed by States or private persons to instruct the children of keepers of lighthouses; all other contingent expenses of district offices and depots, including the purchase of provisions for sale to lighthouse keepers at isolated stations, and the Vehicles. appropriation reimbursed; purchase (not to exceed $5,000), exchange, maintenance, operation, and repair of motor-propelled passenger- Payment of re. carrying vehicle for official use in field work; payment of rewards for ars. the apprehension and conviction, or for information helpful to the apprehension and conviction of persons found interfering with aids to navigation maintained by the Lighthouse Service, in violation of 33 U. . 7. section 6 of the Act of May 14, 1908 (33 U. S. C. 761); $4,370,000. Vess o eialdprocts Special projects, vessels, and aids to navigation: For constructing or navigation. purchasing and equipping lighthouse tenders and light vessels for the Lighthouse Service as may be specifically approved by the Secretary of Commerce, not to exceed $880,000; and for establishing and improving aids to navigation and other works as may be specifically approved by the Secretary of Commerce not to exceed $450,000 in all, $1,330,000, Availability. which sum shall be available for all expenditures directly relating to the respective projects which are approved by the Secretary of Commerce. Koesperes of lght- Salaries, keepers of lighthouses, and so forth: For salaries of not houet., es exceeding one thousand four hundred lighthouse and fog-signal keepers and persons attending lights, exclusive of post lights, $1,890,000. Lighthouse vessels, Salaries lighthouse vessels: For salaries and wages of officers and crews of light vessels and lighthouse tenders, including temporary employment when necessary, $2,432,000. S(uperintendents, Salaries, superintendents, clerks, and so forth: For salaries of eighteen superintendents of lighthouses, and of assistant superintend- ents, clerks, draftsmen, and other authorized permanent employees in the district offices and depots of the Lighthouse Service, exclusive of those regularly employed in the office of the Bureau of Lighthouses, District of Columbia, $754,600. Reed p.etired pay: For retired pay: For of officers and employees engaged in the field service or on vessels of the Lighthouse Service, except persons continuously employed in district offices and shops, $725,000. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY Expenses. For every expenditure requisite for and incident to the work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, including purchase of not more than four motor-propelled station wagons and maintenance, repair, exchange, and operation of motor-propelled or horse-drawn vehicles for official use in field work, purchase of motorcycles with side cars, including their exchange, not to exceed $500, surveying instruments, including their exchange, rubber boots, canvas and rubber gloves, goggles, and caps, coats, and aprons for stewards' departments on vessels, packing, crating, and transporting personal household effects of commissioned officers, when transferred from one official station to another for perma- nent duty, extra compensation at not to exceed $1 per day for each station to employees of the Lighthouse Service and the Weather Bureau 914 [53 STAT.