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[56 STAT. TIBEATIES Freedom of con- science and of worship. Local laws, etc. Economic relations. Rights of natives. Local law and cus- tom. IV The administration of the region shall be exercised under condi- tions which shall guarantee freedom of conscience and of worship, subject to the regulations which public order and good habits may demand. V The administration shall enforce the local laws coordinating them with the purposes of this convention, but it may furthermore adopt such measures as may be necessary to meet situations in which such laws do not exist. VI In all that concerns commerce and industry, the American nations shall enjoy the same situation and benefits, and the administrator is forbidden to establish a privileged position for itself or its nationals or for certain states. Open economic relations shall be maintained with all countries on a reciprocity basis. VII Natives of the region shall participate, as citizens, in public admin- istration and in the courts of justice without further qualification than their capacity so to do. VIII To the extent that it may be practicalbe, rights of every sort shall be governed by local law and custom, and vested rights shall be protected in accordance with such law. IX Abolition of forced Forced labor shall be abolished in the regions where it exists. labor. x Educational facili- ties. Organic Act. Annual report. The administration shall provide facilities for education of all kinds with the two-fold purpose of developing the wealth of the region and improving the living conditions of the population, especially as regards public and individual hygiene and preparation for the exercise of political autonomy as soon as possible. XI The natives of a region under administration shall have their own Organic Act which the administration shall establish, consulting the people in whatever manner is possible. XII The administration shall submit an annual report to the inter- American organization entrusted with the control of the regions under administration, of the manner in which it has fulfilled its functions, attaching thereto copies of its accounts and of the measures adopted in the region during the year. 1276