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1768 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. shall receive subsistence on the same bases that are established for farm laborers in the United States. Should the cost of living rise this will be a matter for reconsidera- tion. The master contracts for workers submitted to the Mexican Government shall contain definite provisions for computation of sub- sistence and payments under this understanding. j. The term of the contract shall be made in accordance with the authorities of the respective countries. k. At the expiration of the contract under this understanding, and if the same is not renewed, the authorities of the United States shall consider illegal, from an immigration point of view, the continued stay of the worker in the territory of the United States, exception made of cases of physical impossibility. SAVINGS FUND a) The respective agency of the Government of the United States shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the sums contributed by the Mexican workers toward the formation of their Rural Savings Fund, until such sums are transferred to the Mexican Agricultural Credit Bank which shall assume responsibilities for the deposit, for their safekeeping and for their application, or, in the absence of these, for their return. b) The Mexican Government through the Banco de Credito Agricola will take care of the security of the savings of the workers to be used for payment of the agricultural implements, which may be made available to the Banco de Credito Agricola in accordance with exportation permits for shipment to Mexico with the understanding that the Farm Security Administration will recommend priority treat- ment for such implements. NUMBERS As it is impossible to determine at this time the number of workers who may be needed in the United States for agricultural labor employ- ment, the employer shall advise the Mexican Government from time to time as to the number needed. The Government of Mexico shall determine in each case the number of workers who may leave the country without detriment to its national economy. GENERAL PROVISIONS It is understood that, with reference to the departure from Mexico of Mexican workers, who are not farm laborers, there shall govern in understandings reached by agencies of the respective Governments the same fundamental principles which have been applied here to the departure of farm labor. It is understood that the employers will co-operate with such other agencies of the Government of the United States in carrying this understanding into effect whose authority under the laws of the United States are such as to contribute to the effectuation of the understanding.