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1782 Right to assert sov- ereign immunity. Entry into force; application. Duration. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. to appear on their behalf and to conduct the defence of such proceedings in so far as such vessel or cargo is concerned, to settle or compromise any such suit, to assert or settle and compromise any claim to which the requesting Government may be entitled in respect of the subject-matter of the suit and to make and receive payments in respect thereof; and (b) the requesting Government upon tendering such a request will assure the other Government of its full co-operation in making defence to such suit and asserting such claims includ- ing the making available of witnesses and evidence and including preparation for trial. Unless otherwise agreed, each contracting Government will reimburse or account to the other for any payment made or received by the one Government on behalf of the other. ARTICLE 5. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as a waiver of the right of either contracting Government in appropriate cases to assert sovereign immunity. ARTICLE 6. (1) This Agreement, which shall come into force on the date of signature, shall apply in respect of all claims arising before the date of this Agreement but remaining unsettled at such date or which may arise during the currency of this Agreement. (2) This Agreement shall remain in force until the expiration of six months from the date upon which either of the contracting Govern- ments shall have given notice in writing of their intention to terminate it. IN WITNESS whereof the undersigned, duly authorised to that effect by their respective Governments, have signed the present Agreement and have affixed thereto their seals. DONE in London in duplicate, this fourth day of December, 1942. [SEAL] JOHN G. WINANT. [SEAL] ANTHONY EDEN EXCHANGE OF NOTES The American Ambassador to the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, No. 2253 December 4, 1942 SIR: With reference to Article IV of the agreement signed today between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern