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MEXICO-RAILWAYS-NOV. 18, 1942 Jesus Carranza and Ixtepec through Suchiate on the Guatemalan border; (d) Line from Chihuahua to Torre6n. 2. To bear the cost of all materials and equipment which the Mexi- can Government shall agree with the United States Railway Mission to be necessary for the rehabilitation of the aforedescribed lines, and which material and equipment must be obtained in the United States; 3. To pay for such rails and fastenings produced in Mexico and agreed between the Mexican Government and the United States Railway Mission to be necessary for this same undertaking; 4. To furnish without cost to Mexico the United States technicians agreed between the Mexican Government and the United States Railway Mission to be necessary; 5. To bear the cost of repairing in the United States such Mexican National Railways locomotives and other equipment which shall be mutually agreed upon shall be sent to the United States for repair under this particular rehabilitation program; 6. To bear the cost of such additional Mexican road gangs as the Mexican Government and the Railway Mission mutually agree are necessary to put into adequate operating condition the road-bed of the lines aforementioned. Expenditures for this purpose will, of course, be ones of a character which the Mexican National Railways could not be expected to bear for normal maintenance purposes. I am confident that it will be appreciated that for fiscal and accounting reasons it is necessary that the expenditures which the Governments of the United States and Mexico agree are desirable be first approved by the Chief of the United States Railway Mission in Mexico City so that he can certify to the appropriate agency of my Government that in his judgment the expenditures are necessary at a given time and in the amount stipulated. I have every confidence that there will be at no time major differences of opinion concerning the time or extent of aid which cannot be resolved by the frank and friendly consultative procedure which has so happily characterized the relationships between our two Governments. In addition to the materials and equipment, which in the opinion of the two Governments it will be necessary to secure from the United States, there will undoubtedly be equipment and materials which the facilities of Mexican industry can supply, which would be furnished for the rehabilitation program by the Mexican Government. My Government fully agrees with the view of the Mexican Gov- ernment that this rehabilitation program must go forward with optimum rapidity unless our joint war efforts are to suffer. I avail myself of this occasion to renew to Your Excellency the assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration. GEORGE S. MEssERSMrrT His Excellency Sefior Licenciado Don EZEQUIL PADILLA Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mexico Approval of expend- itures. Furnishing of ma- terials and equipment. 5,6 STAT.] 1829