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56 STAT.] NETHERLANDS-MILITARY SERVICE Ma- , July 2, 1942 1903 ,Sept. 24, 30. 1942 1903 National Headquarters Selective Service System be instructed ac- cordingly and that the Netherlands Military authorities will be allowed to exchange information with the local boards. Individuals who ellect to serve in the Netherlands Armed forces need not be physically examined by the medical service of the armed forces of the United States. The appropriate Netherlands authorities will provide for the medical examination. If it is found that the individual is not acceptable for the armed forces of the Netherlands, he shall then become liable for immediate induction into the armed forces of the United States. In connection with the foregoing the attention of the Government of the United States is invited to the fact that in case Netherlands subjects enter the American military service of their own free choice, without previously having obtained the official permission of the Netherlands Government to do so, they thereby lose the status of Netherlands subject according to article 7, paragraph 4 of the Netherlands Law on nationality and citizenship. The Netherlands Government therefore would feel obliged if the United States authorities concerned could see their way not to accept such aliens for military service without such permission previously having been obtained, in which connection the Netherlands Govern- ment explicitly reserves full authority to grant or refuse permission, as each particular case would seem to warrant. In view of the foregoing, the Netherlands Government on its part agrees that: A) No threat or compulsion of any nature will be exercised by the Netherlands Government to induce any person in the United States to enlist in the forces of any foreign government. B) Reciprocal treatment will be granted to American citizens by the Netherlands Government; that is, prior to induction in the Armed Forces of that Government, they will be granted the opportunity of electing to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States in sublstantially the same manner as outlinedl above. Furthermore the Netherlands Government agrees to inform all American citizens serving in the Netherlands Armed Forces or former American citizens who may have lost their citizenship as a result of having taken an oath of allegiance on enlistment in such Armed Forces, and who are now serving in those Forces, that they may transfer to the Armed Forces of the United States provided that they desire to do so and provided they are acceptable to the Armed Forces of the United States. The arrangements for effecting such transfers are to be worked out by the appropriate representatives of the Armed Forces of our Governments. C) No enlistments will be accepted in the United States by the Netherlands Government of American citizens subject to regis- tration or of aliens of any nationality who have declared their intention of becoming American citizens and are subject to registration.