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1259 58 STAT.] IRAQ-EXCHANGE OF PUBLICATIONS-FEB . 16, 1944 Dir etorate eanarl oft ort ali Nuigmtion _aJ ' I- Yl»1 _l 9io n trationl Lport on the Port of Baae (publiehbd separately in Arable and englah) bgitnearing Uollege,. Year booksl catalog, aete Yinistry .r Mduation ~mJJl IL-J - tJlJlwA Annual Ieport of the Progress of Aduoatlon (publisbhd sparately in

l LJzjr (Progrm of eluntary Education) - .. -.- I . (Progr e of a8eondary Education) 2 1 I-. n (lduoational lesieons Reeulatlon) tl'i lj tUiUu (state Xlementary sohools Begula- 6J1 11Uj*M!j A L.a. (Annual Program of Inter- sohool Sportes) d nl attZJf AI JInrt (Tbu bew hTeeher, -esLuw) tirtUen teport Diretorate Qnaral of ]dueatioa Seotion of Publications Textbooks, examinaetla papers, technia l Journal, eta. Directorate 0aneral of JAtiqpitieo 3Jf1 -1 S*J;J ir ,P; Report On tke xoavatioim Ir4q (bltled

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n Ablbo aind XngSlsh) Zrrql KUi Uuide books, art publicatioas, eto. Library eneral index. special registers Higher Teaohera' College Year hooks, catalog, examination papers, etc. iaw Collage Year boolk, cataloge, examination papers, ete. Illtitute of Physical ]ducatilo Year books, catalogp, examinatio papers, *te. seoeondary Shools Iear books, oatalogsl, exoination papers, ete. Milnstry of beonouloe anual Report Dlirotorate Oeneal of Boonouiee en.ptpure of trao..t (sBl^l^.^n, - ^^.b^tt f? s l>thly Bull. ti Statistios (Bilingual) Qeetlonnalres, rorme, ete. Beports, statlstieal aumary, and other publicationa Iraq Trade Journl and Bulletin of Statistle. (Bilingual)