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58 STAT.] DOMINICAN REPUBLIC-FOOD SURPLUSES-Fe 11' 194 tarifas or schedules of components of the prices to be paid for such commodities or products by Commodity Credit Corporation which will include specifically prices to be paid to the campesinos or pro- ducers. Each tarifa will be promulgated officially in the Dominican Republic and will be published through out the Dominican Republic by the Secretary of Agriculture of the Republic. (a) As to peanuts, it is understood that the tarifa will provide that the campesinos will receive no less than $2.75 per hundred pounds of unshelled peanuts. 18. Commodity Credit Corporation, or its representative, shall purchase commodities or products hereinabove contained through one or more of four intermediaries of which two shall be designated by Commodity Credit Corporation and two shall be designated by the Dominican Government. Commodity Credit Corporation shall be free to purchase, in its discretion, in any area of the Dominican Republic: provided, however, that Commodity Credit Corporation, or its representative, shall consult with the appropriate agency of the Government of the Dominican Republic as to areas within the Dominican Republic in which live cattle shall be purchased. 19. Except as otherwise provided herein, the phrase "exportable surplus" as used herein shall include all amounts of a given commodity beyond those normally required for local consumption. 20. All or any part of Commodity Credit Corporation's right, title, and interest in and obligations under this Memorandum of Understanding may be assigned by the Commodity Credit Corpora- tion to any other agency of the Government of the United States upon the Commodity Credit Corporation giving notice of such assignment to the Government of the Dominican Republic. Initialed in Washington, D. C . on November 1, 1943. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1279 Purchase through Intermediaries. Purchase areas; "Exportable sur- plus. " Assignment of obli- gations to other U. S . agencies. Cleared by phone 11:09 a.m . James Maddox for FEA A. R . Himbert, State Department Leon Falk, Jr. , Commodity Credit Corporation M. De Moya, Dominican Republic The Dominican Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the American Ambassador REPUBLICA DOMINICANA SECRETARIA DE ESTADO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES CIUDAD TRUJILLO, R. D., II J- go l eJI aLQ 3751 11. uzJVror UT -,v ". SE5qOR EMBAJADOR: Tengo la honra de acusar recibo de la atenta nota de fecha 17 de diciembre de 1943, por la cual Vuestra Excelencia se sirve referirse a las conversaciones sostenidas en Washington entre el Representante Especial del Gobierno Dominicano, Sefor Manuel de Moya, de una parte, y los Representantes de los organismos interesados del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos de America, de otra parte, sobre la compra por