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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. ARTICLE 18. Inquiries concerning parcels. For inquiries concerning parcels which have not been returned, a form shall be used similar to the specimen annexed to the Detailed Regulations of the Parcel Post Agreement of the Universal Postal Union. These forms shall be forwarded to the offices appointed by the two Administrations to deal with them and they shall be dealt with in the manner mutually arranged between the two Administrations. ARTICLE 19. Parcelbills. 1. Separate parcel bills must be prepared for the ordinary parcels on the one hand and for the insured parcels on the other hand. The parcel bills are prepared in duplicate. The original is sent in the regular mails, while the duplicate is enclosed in one of the bags. The bag containing the parcel bill is designated with the word "Bill" conspicuously marked on the label. 2. Ordinary parcels sent to Palestine shall be entered on the parcel bills to show their total number according to the following divisions of weight: (a) up to 1 kilogram, (b) from 1 to 3 kilograms, (c) from 3 to 5 kilograms, and (d) from 5 to 10 kilograms. Ordinary parcels sent to the United States shall be entered on the parcel bills to show the total number of parcels and the total net weight thereof. 3. Insured parcels, sent from either country shall be entered indi- vidually on the parcel bills to show the insurance number and the name of the office of origin. In the case of insured parcels for the United States of America, the total net weight of the parcels must also be shown; in the case of insured parcels for Palestine, the divi- sions of weight must be shown the same as in the case of ordinary parcels. 4. Parcels sent i d6couvert must be entered separately. 5. In the case of returned or redirected parcels the word "Returned" or "Redirected", as the case may be, must be entered on the bill against the individual entry. A statement of the charges which may be due on these parcels should be shown in the "Observations" column. 6. The total number of bags comprising each dispatch must also be shown on the parcel bill. 7. Each dispatching office of exchange shall number the parcel bills in the top left-hand corner in an annual series for each office of ex- change of destination and, as far as possible, shall enter below the number the name of the ship conveying the mail. A note of the last number of the year shall be made on the first parcel bill of the follow- ing year. ARTICLE 20. Check by offices of ewchange. Notification of irreguarities. 1. On receipt of a mail, whether of parcels or of empty bags, the office of exchange shall check the parcels and the various documents