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60 STAT.] 79TH COONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 951-AUG. 10 , 1946 "TrILE XIII-RECONVERSION UNEMPLOrYENT BENEFITS FOR SEAMEN "SEC. 1301. This title shall be administered by the Federal Security Administrator. "DEFINITIONS "SEC. 1302. When used in this title- "(a) The term 'reconversion period' means the period (1) beginning with the fifth Sunday after the date of the enactment of this title, and (2) ending June 30, 1949. "(b) The term 'compensation' means cash benefits payable to individuals with respect to their unemployment (including any por- tion thereof payable with respect to dependents). "(c) The term 'Federal maritime service' means service determined to be employment pursuant to section 209 (o). "(d) The term 'Federal maritime wages' means remuneration determined pursuant to section 209 (o) to be remuneration for service referred to in section 209 (o) (1). "COMPENSATION FOR SEAMEN "SEC. 1303. (a) The Administrator is authorized on behalf of the United States to enter into an agreement with any State, or with the unemployment compensation agency of such State, under which such State agency (1) will make, as agent of the United States, payments of compensation, on the basis provided in subsection (b), to individuals who have performed Federal maritime service, and (2) will otherwise cooperate with the Administrator and with other State unemployment compensation agencies in making payments of compensation author- ized by this title. "(b) Any such agreement shall provide that compensation will be paid to such individuals, with respect to unemployment occurring in the reconversion period, in the same amounts, on the same terms, and subject to the same conditions as the compensation which would be payable to such individuals under the State unemployment compen- sation law if such individuals' Federal maritime service and Federal maritime wages had (subject to regulations of the Administrator concerning the allocation of such service and wages among the several States) been included as employment and wages under such law; except that the compensation to which an individual is entitled under such an agreement for any week shall be reduced by 15 per centum of the amount of any annuity or retirement pay which such individual is entitled to receive, under any law of the United States relating to the retirement of officers or employees of the United States, for the month in which such week begins, unless a deduction from such com- pensation on account of such annuity or retirement pay is otherwise provided for by the applicable State law. "(c) If in the case of any State an agreement is not entered into under this section or the unemployment compensation agency of such State fails to make payments in accordance with such an agreement, the Administrator, in accordance with regulations prescribed by him, shall make payments of compensation to individuals who file a claim for compensation which is payable under such agreement, or would be payable if such agreement were entered into, on a basis which will provide that they will be paid compensation in the same amounts, on substantially the same terms, and subject to substantially the same con- ditions as though such agreement had been entered into and such agency made such payments. Final determinations by the Adminis- tratorof entitlement to such payments shall be subject to review by the courts in the same manner and to thsame extent as is provided in 983 57 Stat. 47. 42 U. 8. C., Supp. V, § 409 (o). Agreement with State. Payments by Ad- ministrator.