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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 966-AUG. 14, 1946 Research to deter. mine best methods.of processing, etc. Availability of re- suits. Costs of marketing, etc. Standards of qual- ity, etc. Elimination of arti- ficial barriers. New or expanded markets. Consumer educa- tion. Restriction. Marketing informa- tion. Agricultural prod- ucts in interstate com- merce. Certificate. Facilities for proc- essing, etc. Transportation services, rates, etc. (a) To conduct, assist, and foster research, investigation, and experimentation to determine the best methods of processing, prep- aration for market, packaging, handling, transporting, storing, dis- tributing, and marketing agricultural products: Provided, That the results of such research shall be made available to the public for the purpose of expanding the use of American agricultural products in such manner as the Secretary of Agriculture may determine. (b) To determine costs of marketing agricultural products in their various forms and through the various channels and to foster and assist in the development and establishment of more efficient market- ing methods (including analyses of methods and proposed methods), practices, and facilities, for the purpose of bringing about more efficient and orderly marketing, and reducing the price spread between the producer and the consumer. (c) To develop and improve standards of quality, condition, quantity, grade, and packaging, and recommend and demonstrate such standards in order to encourage uniformity and consistency in commercial practices. (d) To conduct, assist, foster, and direct studies and informational programs designed to eliminate artificial barriers to the free move- ment of agricultural products. (e) To foster and assist in the development of new or expanded markets (domestic and foreign) and new and expanded uses and in the moving of larger quantities of agricultural products through the private marketing system to consumers in the United States and abroad. (f) To conduct and cooperate in consumer education for the more effective utilization and greater consumption of agricultural products: Provided, That no money appropriated under the authority of this Act shall be used to pay for newspaper or periodical advertising space or radio time in carrying out the purposes of this section and section 203 (e). (g) To collect and disseminate marketing information, including adequate outlook information on a market-area basis, for the purpose of anticipating and meeting consumer requirements, aiding in the maintenance of farm income, and bringing about a balance between production and utilization of agricultural products. (h) To inspect, certify, and identify the class, quality, quantity, and condition of agricultural products when shipped or received in interstate commerce, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of Agriculture may prescribe, including assessment and collection of such fees as will be reasonable and as nearly as may be to cover the cost of the service rendered, to the end that agricultural products may be marketed to the best advantage, that trading may be facilitated, and that consumers may be able to obtain the quality product which they desire, except that no person shall be required to use the service authorized by this subsection. Any official certificate issued under the authority of this subsection shall be received by all officers and all courts of the United States as prima facie evidence of the truth of the statements therein contained. (i) To determine the needs and develop or assist in the development of plans for efficient facilities and methods of operating such facilities for the proper assembly, processing, transportation, storage, distribu- tion, and handling of agricultural products. (j) To assist in improving transportation services and facilities and in obtaining equitable and reasonable transportation rates and services and adequate transportation facilities for agricultural prod- ucts and farm supplies by making complaint or petition to the Inter- state Commerce Commission, the Maritime Commission, the Civil 1088 [60 STAT.