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INDEX National Defense-Continued. Page Defense aid-Continued. Transfer of funds to United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Ad- ministration----------------- 228 Emergency funds appropriated to the President, designated, reduction in appropriations------ 8, 221, 222, 225, 624 Repeal of specified rescission-------- 626 Expediting production, reduction in appropriations---------------- 13, 223 Export control of certain commodities, administration; time extension---- 215 Appropriation for--------------- 471, 916 Federal Communications Commission, salaries and expenses (national defense)- Appropriation for fiscal year 1946, extension of availability-------- 12 Increased pay costs, appropriation for--------------------

105 Reduction in appropriation--------- 8 Federal Power Commission- Appropriation for 1946, extension of availability- ------------------ 12 National-defense activities, reduction in appropriation -------------- 8 Flight strips, reduction in appropria- tion-------------------------- 9,222 Health and sanitation activities, war and defense areas, reduction in ap- propriation-------------------- 8, 221 Housing. See separate title. Inter-American Relations, War Depart- ment, national-defense activities, reduction in appropriation-------- 226 Labor, Department of- Labor Statistics, Bureau of, salaries and expenses (national defense), appropriation for increased pay costs--.-------------------- 112 Safety and health program, salaries and expenses, reduction in ap- propriation------------------- 11 Secretary, Office of, salaries and ex- penses, reduction in appropria- tion------------------------ 11 Land, acquisition for military purposes, reduction in appropriation ----- 224, 62l Lands acquired by U. S . in program of national defense, transfer to Secre- tary of Agriculture for disposition, authorized ----------- _--------- 106 Lend-Lease. See separatetitle. Magnesium pilot plants and research, reduction in appropriation-------- 11 Malaria, control of, reduction in appro- nriatinn I CXII National Defense-Continued. r ag. Manganese beneficiation pilot plants and research, reduction in appro- priation __ ------- _-_ --------- - 11 Maternity and infant care, emergency (national defense)- Appropriation for.- - - - - - - - - 112, 267, 681 Grants to States, reduction in appro- priation --------------------- 11 National Labor Relations Board, sal- aries and expenses, national de- fense, appropriation for increased pay costs----------------------- 106 Nurses, training, reduction in appro- priation----------------------- 9 Public Health Service, reduction in designated appropriations ------ 8, 221 Public Roads Administration, flight strips, reduction in appropriation-- 9, 222 Reserve fleet, establishment, composi- tion---------------------------- 49 School facilities, contributions by Fed- eral Works Administrator for oper- ation and maintenance in certain cases, authorization----------- 264, 314 Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. See separate title. Steel production, investigation of raw- material resources, reduction in appropriation------------------ 11 Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act. See separate title. Temporary agencies, liquidation ex- penses, transfer of funds author- ized -------------------------- 18 Territories and island possemions, emer- gency fund, reduction in appropria- tion ----------------- - 11, 222, 62 Training Within Industry Service, re- duction in appropriation .... --- -- 7 Tropical diseases, control of, reduction in appropriation---------------- 8 National Elk Refuge, Wyo., conveyance of portion to State------------------- 58 Correction of description, etc --------- 529 National Forest Reservation Commission, appropriation for------------------ 283 National Forests. See also Forest Service under Agriculture, Department of. Angeles National Forest, Calif., acquisi- tion of lands for, appropriation for- 285 Cache National Forest, Utah, acquisi- tion of lands for, appropriation for- 285 Cleveland National Forest, Calif., ac- quisition of lands for, appropria- tion for----------------------- 28 Coronado National Forest, Ariz., min- ing, timber cutting, etc., proviionO dv,-~ -rt. --- .--- --- --- --- 2642 a.. w=-

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