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National Advisory Committee for Aero- Page nautics-Continued. Construction, appropriation for ------- 72 Extension of availability of funds_ - - 613 Damage claims, appropriation for----- 200 Reduction in appropriation---------- 8 National Advisory Council on Interna- tional Monetary and Financial Prob- lems, consultation with Secretary of Treasury in carrying out designated agreement ----------------------- 535 National Advisory Mental Health Council, members, duties, etc--------------- 422 National Arboretum, appropriation for maintenance, etc---------------- 107, 280 National Archives: American Battle Monuments Com- mission, deposit of records and archives----------------------- 318 Appropriation for------------------ 72, 83 Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, transfer of designated functions to Depart- ment of the Interior------------ 1099 Indian Claims Commission, delivery of records------------------------- 1055 Ores of metals and minerals, custody of microfilm of records respecting, re- imbursement for cost of micro- filming----------------------- 1057 National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice: Appropriation for ---------------- 559 Care, etc., of ranges, details for; pay- ment ----------------------- 560 Reduction in appropriation ------- 225, 626 Report to Congress respecting expend- itures in connection with, dis- continuance-------------------- 870 Volunteer competitors or range officers, travel and subsistence allowances - 559 National Bureau of Standards. See Stand- ards, National Bureau of, under Commerce, Department of. National Cancer Institute, appropriation for operating expenses --------- 106, 692 National Capital Housing Authority. See under Housing. National Capital Park and Planning Commission: Appropriation for-------------- 73, 115, 522 Appropriations authorized _---------- 80( Duties under District of Columbia Re- development Act of 1945--------- 794 George Washington Memorial Parkway, removal of certain construction re- strictions; extension----------- 960, 96] fWnn Run Parkwlrv. extension-------- 96] National Capital Park Service: Pag Planting materials, certain, removal, etc., in connection with bridge construction ----------------- 567 Amendment, substitution of words "National Park Service" ------- 894 National Capital Parks, appropriation for------------------- 111, 115, 377, 521 National Cemeteries: Arlington National Cemetery, Va., provision for burial of Unknown American of Second World War; appropriation authorized -------- 302 Interment of certain remains returned to United States--------------- 183 Appropriation for ---------------- 268 Maintenance, etc., appropriation for_ 160 National Collection of Fine Arts, appro- priation for administration ------ 73 National Commission on Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Cooperation, organization, appointment of mem- bers; conferences------------------ 713 National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, appropria- tion for support of, by District of Columbia------------------------ 502 National Defense: Airport plan, national--------------- 171 Alumina, production from low-grade bauxite, aluminum clays and alu- nite, reduction in appropriation -- 11 Apprentice training service, reduction in appropriation ---------------- 7 Bauxite and alunite ores and aluminum clay deposits, reduction in appro- priation----------------------- 11 Budget, Bureau of the, national-defense activities, appropriation for fiscal year 1946, extension of avail- ability ------------------------ 12 Civil Service Commission- Salaries and expenses, national de- fense- Appropriation for fiscal year 1946, extension of availability ------ 12 Reduction in appropriation ------ 8 Conciliation, Commissioners of (na- tional defense), appropriation for increased pay costs ------------- 112 Critical and essential minerals, in- vestigations of deposits, reduction in appropriation ---------------- 11 Defense aid- Liquidation, appropriation for ---- 604 Shipments abroad, time limitation on use of funds ------------- 604 Reduction in appropriation---_ _ 8, 221, 624 RimbhnrUrmPnt+a ortain. rlihf fr,- ,m 22 INDEX CXII -- u- raw Ax- shoos - - - - ____ __-