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INDEX Production Control Committees, Interna- Page tional, appropriation for --------- _- 274 Production Credit Corporations: Administrative expenses, funds avail- able for --------------------- .- 594 Expenditures, contracts, etc., authori- zation; limitation.------_------- 594 Property, Real and Personal, acquisition and disposition for war purposes, time limit---------------------------- 345 Property Act of 1946, Philippine. See Philippine Property Act of 1946 under Philippine Islands. Prostitution, Prohibition of, near military and naval establishments, provisions made permanent----------------- 182 Provo River Project, Utah, appropriation for-------------------- -- --- --- 365, 619 Public Assistance, Bureau of. See under Social Security Board. Public Buildings Acts: Amendments respecting site acquisition, building construction, etc ------- 257 Appropriation for carrying out provi- sions of ------------------------ 66 Public Buildings Administration. See un- der Federal Works Agency. Public Debt, Bureau of the. See under Treasury Department. Public Debt Act of 1946---------------- 316 Public Debt Transactions, Second Liberty Bond Act, inclusion of mortgage pay- ment notes; use as public debt trans- action -------------------------- 1078 Public Health, International Office of, appropriation for contribution ------ 453 Public Health Service. See also Hos- pital Survey and Construction Act; National Mental Health Act; Public Health Service Act. Air travel under orders, per diem rates of allowance---------------------- 81 Cincinnati, Ohio, appropriation for maintenance and operation of water and sanitary investigations station at--------------------------- Claims, settlement when serving with the Navy--------------------. Coast Guard-- Insane members, limitation on appli- cability of designated provisions respecting transfer, etc., of func- tions with regard to----------- Officers on detail to, per diem rates of allowance authorized---------- Commissioned officers, pay, etc., appro- priation for ----------------- Communicable diseases, appropriation for prevention and suppression of-- 80634--47-PT. -79 692 56 1098 530 692 691 Public Health Service-Continued. Deceased officers, settlement of ac- counts--___-----------___.-__ _- Dependents, transportation costs, pay- ment on commuted basis in certain cases ------------------- District of Columbia hospital center, establishment, utilization of serv- ices-------------------------- Page 30 6 897 Enlisted men- Allowances while in hospital, etc.; restriction on accrual in certain cases------------------------ 858 Commutation in lieu of rations, desig- nated personnel--------------- 858 Health and sanitation activities, war and defense areas (national defense), reduction in appropriation------- 8, 221 Health facilities, development of, appro- priation for------------------- 692 Health service programs, Government employees, consultation and re- view-------------------------- 903 Hospital and construction activities, appropriation for---------------- 914 Hospitals and medical care, appropria- tion for------------------ 106, 186, 691 Household effects, transportation, etc., on change of station; repeal of prior legislation respecting------------- 860 Industrial hygiene, increased pay costs, appropriation for--------------- 106 International Health Relations, Office of, appropriation for------------- 692 Liberia, mission to, appropriation for activities in connection with------ 692 Malaria (national defense), reduction in appropriation----------------- 8 Marine Corps personnel, funds available for furnishing medical treatment to-------------------------- 691 Medical care, appropriation for------- 691 Mental diseases, appropriation for re- search and investigation---------- 691 Mines, Bureau of, details to----------- 375 Money allowance in lieu of transporta- tion, designated personnel ------- 860 National Cancer Institute, appropria- tion for operating expenses----- 106, 692 National Institute of Health, appropria- tion for operating expenses -- -- 106, 692 Naval personnel, funds available for fur- nishing medical treatment to------ 691 Nurses- Appropriation for training for certain; transfer of funds to St. Eliza- beths and Freedmen's Hospitals- 692 CXLVII