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CLXXIV Treasury Department-Continued. Page Fort Berthold Reservation, N. Dak., deposit of designated funds------- 333 Fort Lauderdale, Fla., conveyance of designated Coast Guard site------ 901 Furniture, report concerning expendi- tures, discontinuance------------- 870 General Counsel, Office of, appropria- tion for -------------------- 113, 569 Grenada County, Miss., payment of claims for road damages--------- 122 Hawaii, T. H., county of, payment of claims for property damages ------ 236 Hospital Survey and Construction Act, payment of allotments to States under------------------------- 1042 Inspectors of buildings abroad, assign- ment of personnel as------------- 458 Inter-American Trade Exposition, im- portation of articles for exhibit, exemption from tariff duty; sale; marking, etc ------------------ 304 Internal duties or taxes, States, Terri- tories, and collection districts, etc., discontinuance of report respect- ing-------------------------- 870 Internal Revenue, Bureau of- Appropriation for------------ 84, 198, 573 Internal-revenue collections, refunds in excess of $500, report to Con- gress------------------------ 574 Iowa, coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemoration of one-hundredth anniversary of admission into Union ------------------------ 864 Judgments, appropriation for- -------- 201, 202,630,917 Leases of certain property, discontinu- ance of report respecting -------- 870 Leave Act of 1946, Armed Forces. See separate title. Lend-lease. See separate title. Liberty Bond Act, Second. See separate title. Memphis, Tenn., and Memphis Park Commission, payment of damage claims------------------------ 55 Mint, Bureau of the, appropriation for--------------------- 114,577,623 Mints and assay offices, discontinuance of report respecting number of employees---------------------- 870 Miscellaneous expenses, appropriation for--------------------------- Montgomery County, Miss., payment of claims for road damages------- Narcotic drugs, certain, provision for coverage under Federal narcotic laws------------------------- 569 121 38 Treasury Department-Continued. ra" Narcotics, Bureau of- Appropriation for --------. - 114, 198, 574 Law observance, funds for dissemina- tion of information regarding-_ - 575 Law violators, information in connec- tion with apprehension of, ex- penditure authorized----------- 575 Marihuana, millers, powers with respect to-------------------- 40 Naval personnel, pay accounts, adjust- ment between proper appropria- tions of unpaid, etc., balances.--- 3 Naval service, discontinuance of reports respecting receipts, expenditures, etc---------------------------- 870 Navigation, transfer to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs of designated functions respecting-------- ---- 1097 Navy Department- Examination of accounts, discontinu- ance of report to Congress------ 869 Transfers of appropriations author- ized; limitation -------------- 628 Trophies, etc., transfer from, in con- nection with sale of war or victory bonds ---------------- 898 Overthrow of U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating ----- _--- --- --- --- - 586 Paper for U. S . securities, distinctive, division of award --- __---------- 572 Park Ridge, Borough of, Park Ridge, N. J., payment of claims for road damages----------------------- 124 Personnel, Division of, appropriation for-------------------------- 113,569 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for-- 569 Philippine Islands- Currency destroyed at time of Jap- anese invasion, recording of amounts; payments; authori- zation------------------------ 707 Public moneys, acceptance of de- posits----------------------- 901 Securities against loss, etc., of certain military supplies, return author- ized------------------------- 900 Post Office Department library fund, deposit and investment ---------- 924 Printing and binding, appropriation for- 198, 570, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 579 Procurement Division- Advances, crediting to general supply fund------------------------ 579 Appropriation for--------------- 114, 577 Field offices of other Government agencies, transactions with-----_ 578 Field warehouses, standard forms and blankbook work, purchase------ 578 INDEX ,^,,