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CLXXVI Tug Fork of Big Sandy River, bridge authorized across, at or near William- son, W. Va_ --

_---__---.-- Turtle Cove, Tex., examination and sur- vey authorized __-------------____ Twine, Binding, Philippine, quota on-- - Tyronza River and Tributaries, Ark., examination and survey authorized-- U Uinta National Forest, Utah, acquisition of lands, appropriation for -- __ _ -- - Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Utah, buildings and utilities, construc- tion, etc., appropriation for_----_ _ _ Umatilla, Oreg., improvement of Colum- bia River authorized----- ___ ___ __ Umatilla Indian Reservation, Oreg., ap- propriation for improvements to utili- ties -- ___________________________ Un-American Activities, House Commit- tee on, functions, etc--- -------- Uncompahgre, Etc., Utes, Utah: Irrigation system, appropriation for- _ Pay costs, increased, appropriation for ---------------------- ___ Unemployment: Compensation, State, maritime workers, coverage ----------------------- Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Pag 88: 64( 14. 65; 28j 35i 631 358 828 192 11( 981 Amendments- Disability benefits, withdrawal of employee contributions for------ 991 Employment taxes, certain, definition of wages--------------------- 989 Trust fund, railroad employees, refund of contributions in certain cases_ - - 806 Unemployment Compensation Act, D. C., amendments---- -

527 Contribution Rate Review Com- mittee, composition, etc-------- 528 Unemployment Compensation Admin- istration, grants to States- Appropriation for----------------- 264 Transfer of funds to appropriation for, authorized---------------- 683 UNESCO. See United Nations Educa- tional, Scientific, and Cultural Organ- ization. Uniform State Laws, National Conference of Commissioners on, appropriation for support of, by District of Colum- bia ----------------------------- 502 Union Catalogs, maintenance, etc., appro- priation for------------------- 104, 403 United Kingdom. See Great Britain. United Nations: Food and Agriculture Organization, ap- nmrnriation for TTI. mntrihntion__ 4.5 United Nations-Continued. Page Participation by U. S ., appropriation for expenses ------------ _ 198, 453, 621 Printing and binding, appropriation for_ 198, 454 Supplies and equipment, procurement from U. S . Government depart- ments and agencies ------------- 198 Surplus property, acquisition of, author- ity of Department of State _ -- 198, 454 United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization: Appropriation for U. S . share of ex- penses, authorized -------------- 714 Disclosure of information, understand- ing of Congress ----------------- 714 Membership for United States, accept- ance authorized----------------- 712 National Commission on Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Coopera- tion, appointment, etc----------- 713 Obligations, new, restriction-------- _ 714 Representatives, designation, compen- sation, etc-------_ ------------_ 712 United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration: Appropriation for; consolidation of funds-------------------------- 603 Distribution of supplies, etc., limitation_ 603 Press, American, restriction on use of funds for country refusing admis- sion, etc-- --------- .____----- _ 603 Transfer of funds to, authorized -_----_ 228 United Spanish War Veterans, attendance of Marine Band at national conven- tion at Milwaukee, Wis ---------- _ _ 540 United States Code: Preparation of new edition, appropria- tion for increased pay costs ------- 104 United States commissioners, furnishing of copy to ---------------------- 525 United States Code Annotated, price limitation ----------------------- 81 United States Commercial Company: Administrative expenses- Funds available------- _ _

_ 588 Reduction in limitation ------------ 222 Expenditures, contracts, etc., authori- zation; limitation---------------- 589 United States Courts. See also Justice, Department of. Administrative Office- Appropriation for ----- _

104, 479 Commissioners, United States- Fees, method of payment of----__ 526 Forms and dockets, standard, and U. S. Code and seal, furnishing of --- _-------.------ - Personal services, compensation- . . . 525 479 INDEX r--r----- ---