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CLXXVII United States Courts-Continued. Administrative Procedure Act. See separate title. Arkansas, jurisdiction over offenses committed in Hot Springs National Park, transfer from Eastern judicial district to Western judicial dis- Page trict ------------------------- 303 Bailiffs- Appropriation for --------- 112, 266, 461 Per diem restriction--------------- 464 Bankruptcy administration. See Bank- ruptcy Act of 1898, Amendments. Books, transmittal to successors in office, marking ---------


-- 480 Circuit courts of appeals- Judges, salary rates---------------- 716 Jurisdiction respecting withholdings of certification under Hospital Survey and Construction Act--- 1048 Claims, Court of- Appropriation for------------------477 Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Indians, Flathead Res- ervation, Mont., jurisdiction to hear claims of---------------- 715 Indian claims accruing after desig- nated date, jurisdiction over---- 1055 Indian Claims Commission- Restriction on transfer of pending suits to------------------- 1052 Review of determinations of; in- structions on questions, etc- __ 1054 Judges, salary rates---------------- 716 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for- 477 Printing and binding, additional ap- propriation for---------------- 82 Ute Indians, claims against U. S ., attorneys' fees---------------- 255 Clerks of courts, salaries of, appropria- tion for-------------------- 104,477 Clerks' offices, restriction on use of funds at designated places-------- 478 Commissioners, United States- Fees- Appropriation for--------------- 478 Method of payment of----------- 526 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for---------------------- 104 Schedule of-------- ------------ 752 Forms and dockets, standard, and U. S . Code and seal, furnishing of---- 525 Criers, appropriation for ---. - ---- - 104, 478 Customs and Patent Appeals, Court of- Appropriation for-------- .

104, 47( Judges, salary rates---------------- 71( Customs Court- Appropriation for -------------- 104, 47; J.Tdgop swalarv rate---------------- 71i United States Courts-Continued. Devils Lake Indian Reservation, N. Dak., jurisdiction over offenses committed on --------- _-..---. Page 229 District courts- California, Southern District, rules of procedure, etc., for commissioner, cases respecting Kings Canyon National Park--------_- -- - -- _ 119 Court reporters, appropriation for salaries ------------. - -- -- -- 268, 479 Judges, salary rates -------------- 716 Merchant marine, persons serving in, reemployment rights, power to require compliance by private employer -------------------- 907 Mineral Lands Leasing Act, forfeiture, etc., of leases under, jurisdiction- 956 Territories and possessions, retire- ment of judges --------------- 91 Tort claims against U. S., suits on; jurisdiction; procedure; review-- 844 Trade-marks, violation of rights of registrants, granting of injunc- tions; powers of court; jurisdic- tion, etc---------------- 439, 440 Veterans' Emergency Housing Act of 1946- Jurisdiction of criminal proceedings, etc----------------------- 211 Review of certain actions -------- 211 War contracts, claims for losses under, jurisdiction------------------- 903 District of Columbia- Appropriation for-------------- 199, 200, 476,509,615,624 Court of Appeals for- Review of determinations by Atomic Energy Commission - Sale price limitations on reports of_ Reimbursement to U. S., appropri- ation for------------- ------ Emergency Court of Appeals, maximum prices, adjustment, petition by industry advisory committee---- Employees, pay rates, increase in----- Johnson, Albert W., acceptance of re- nunciation of pension as former Federal judge------------------ Judges- Appointment of additional- California Northern District; time limitation ----------------- Delaware district-------------- Limitation------------------ Pennsylvania- Eastern, middle, and western districts----------------- Eastern district, clarification of law respecting---------- 770 480 676 217 304 260 654 655 INDEX I----o --, ---