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79TH OONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 143-APR. 19, 1946 National Bureau of Standards: "Operation and administration", $75,000; "Testing, inspection, and information service", $178,000; "Research and development". $192,000; "Standards for commerce", $30,000; Total, Department of Commerce, $3,588,800. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 69 Stat. 31& For- Office of the Secretary: "Salaries", $195,000; "Office of Solicitor", $29,900; "Division of Territories and Island Possessions", $14,200; Petroleum Conservation Division: "Salaries and expenses", $12,600; Division of Geography: "Salaries and expenses", $1,350; "Soil and moisture conservation operations", $123,400; "Commission of Fine Arts", $860; Grazing Service: "Salaries and expenses", $142,000; "Range improvements", $9,050; General Land Office: "Salaries", $138,940; "Surveying public lands", $50,000; "Salaries and expenses, branch of field examination", $15,370; "Salaries and expenses of land offices", $42,300; "Forest management and protection, public domain, Alaska", $19,660; "Revested Oregon and California Railroad and reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, Oregon (reimburs- able)", $13,000; "Range improvements on public lands outside of grazing dis- tricts (receipt limitation)", $2,000; Bureau of Indian Affairs: Salaries and general expenses: "Departmental personal services", $115,200; "Maintaining law and order on Indian reservations", $17,590; Industrial assistance and advancement: "Preservation of timber on Indian reservations", $134,500; "Expenses incidental to the sale of timber (reimbursable)", $26,820; "Developing agriculture and stock raising among the Indians", $80,000; "Development of water supply", $6,700; Irrigation and drainage: "Construction, repair, and maintenance of irrigation sys- tems (reimbursable)", $20,200; "Operation and maintenance of the San Carlos project (receipt limitation)", $28,880; "Improvement, operation, and maintenance of the irriga- tion and power systems on the Colorado River Indian Reservation (receipt limitation)", $3,030; "Improvements, maintenance, and operation of the Fort Hall irrigation systems", $5,840; "Improvements, maintenance, and operation of the Fort Hall irrigation systems (receipt limitation)", $5,760; "Maintenance and operation, repairs, and purchase of stored waters, irrigation systems, Fort Belknap Reser- vation (reimbursable)", $750; 60 STAT.] 109