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79TH GONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 143 -APR. 19, 1946 "Support of Osage Agency and pay of tribal officers, Okla- homa (tribal funds, $27,600)"; Bureau of Reclamation: Reclamation fund, special fund: "Parker Dam power project, Arizona-California (from power revenues $18,100)"; "Yuma project, Arizona-California", $11,000; "Boise project, Idaho", $10,000; "Minidoka project, Idaho", $5,300; "Minidoka project, Idaho (from power revenues, $15,000)"; "Rio Grande project, New Mexico-Texas (from power revenues, $5,400)"; "Owyhee project, Oregon", $21,200; "Klamath project, Oregon-California", $11,000; "Columbia Basin project, Washington (from power reve- nues, $63,000)"; "Yakima project, Washington", $21,500; "Riverton project, Wyoming", $4,000; "Shoshone project, Wyoming", $1,800; "Shoshone project, Wyoming (from power revenues, $2,000) "; "Salaries and expenses (other than project offices)", $456,200; General fund, construction: "Colorado River project, Texas (reimbursable)", $6,900; "Geological Survey", $151,500; Bureau of Mines: "Salaries and expenses", $9,500; "Operating mine-rescue cars and stations and investigation of mine accidents", $83,600; "Coal-mine inspections and investigations", $122,380; "Mineral mining investigations", $35,000; "Buildings and grounds, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania", $18,300; "Economics of mineral industries", $40,000; "National Park Service", $636,000; "Recreational demonstration areas", $17,860; "Salaries and expenses, National Capital parks", $70,500; Fish and Wildlife Service: "Salaries and expenses", $543,100; Government in the Territories: Territory of Alaska: "Expenses of the offices of the Governor and the Secretary", $3,000; Territory of Hawaii: "Expenses of the offices of the Governor and the Secretary", $1,100; Government of the Virgin Islands: "Salaries of the Governor and employees", $7,370; Total, Department of the Interior, $7,687,440; DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 9 Stat. 181 . For- Legal activities and general administration: "Office of the Attorney General", $9,600; "Office of the Solicitor General", $5,000; "Office of Assistant to the Attorney General , $16,000; "Administrative Division", $201,500; "Tax Division", $87,700; "Criminal Division", $11,300; "Claims Division", $129,000; "Office of the Assistant Solicitor General", $15,000; "Office of Pardon Attorney", $4,000; ill 60 STAT.]