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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 143-APR. 19, 1946 "Salaries and expenses, Customs Division", $18,000; "Salaries and expenses, Antitrust Division", $175,000; "Miscellaneous salaries and expenses, field", $18,000; "Salaries and expenses of district attorneys, and so forth", $599,000; "Compensation of special attorneys, and so forth" $7,900; "Salaries and expenses of marshals, and so forth", $507,000; "Pay and expenses of bailiffs", $39,000; Federal Bureau of Investigation: "Salaries and expenses, detec- tion and prosecution of crimes", $1,249,000; Immigration and Naturalization Service: "Salaries and expenses, Immigration and Naturalization Service", $3,720,000; Federal Prison System: "Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Prisons", $53,800; "Salaries and expenses, penal and correctional institutions", $3,639,000; "Medical and hospital service", $224,700; Total, Department of Justice, $10,729,500; 69 Stat. 361. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR For- Office of the Secretary: "Salaries", $68,600; "Salaries and expenses, Office of the Solicitor", $110,900; "Salaries and expenses, Division of Labor Standards", $23,500; "Commissioners of Conciliation", $59,050; "Commissioners of Conciliation (national defense)", $206,300; Bureau of Labor Statistics: "Salaries and expenses", $215,100; "Salaries and expenses (national defense)", $423,700; Children's Bureau: "Salaries and expenses", $55,460; "Salaries and expenses, child labor provisions", $35,970; "Salaries and expenses, maternal and child welfare", $59,170; "Salaries and expenses, emergency maternity and infant care (national defense)", $5,750; Women's Bureau: "Salaries and expenses", $33,500; Wage and Hour Division: "Salaries", $635,200; War manpower functions: "Apprentice training service", $73,100; "Employment office facilities and services", $5,504,800; Total, Department of Labor, $7,510,100; 59 Stat. 8. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT (Out of the Postal Revenues) For- Post Office Department, Washington, District of Columbia: Office of the Postmaster General: "Salaries", $52,800; Salaries in bureaus and offices: "Office of Budget and Administrative Planning", $5,300; "Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General", $138,000; "Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General", $140,400; "Office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General", $202,700; "Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General", $93,000; 112 [60 STAT.