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79TH OONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 143 -APR. 19, 1948 "Fire Department", $383,400; "Policemen's and Firemen's Relief", $292,190; Courts: "Juvenile court", $27,260; "Psychiatric service, juvenile court", $1,360; "Municipal court", $45,440; "Municipal court of appeals", $5,000; "Probation system", $4,920; "Office of Register of Wills", $13,730; "Commission on Mental Health", $2,840; Health Department: "Health Department (excluding hospitals) ", $209,010; "Glenn Dale Tuberculosis Sanatorium", $225,400; "Operating expenses, Gallinger Municipal Hospital", $504,130; Public welfare: "Office of the Director", $7,920; Family Welfare Service: "Operating expenses, child care", $20,000; "Adult assistance", $32,700; "Operating expenses, institutions for the indigent", $55,730; Juvenile Correctional Service: "Operating expenses", $65,410; Adult Correctional Service: "Operating expenses", $279,740; Mental Rehabilitation Service: "Operating expenses, District Training School", $111,300; "Saint Elizabeths Hospital", $903,400; Public works: "Office of chief clerk" $4,560; "Office of Municipal Architect", $13,800; "Operating expenses, Office of Superintendent of District Buildings", $91,650; "Surveyor's office", $7,960; "Department of Inspections", $60,550; "Operating expenses, Electrical Division", $49,790; "Central garage", $4,200; "Department of Vehicles and Traffic (payable from highway fund)", $40,500; "Reimbursement of other appropriations (payable from high- way fund)", $109,600; "Operating expenses, Refuse Division", $46,900; "Operating expenses, Sewer Division", $59,260; "Operating expenses, Water Division (payable from water fund)", $83,650; Washington Aqueduct: "Operating expenses (payable from water fund) ", $22,360; "National Capital Parks", $96,420; "National Capital Park and Planning Commission", $7,410; "National Zoological Park", $65,670; Total, District of Columbia, $6,994,700; DIVISION OF EXPENSES The sums appropriated in this Act for the District of Columbia District of Colum- shall, unless otherwise specifically provided, be paid out of the gen- ba. eral fund of the District of Columbia, as defined in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1946. 59 stat. m. SEC. 2. The restrictions contained in appropriations or affect- waive of estric- ing appropriations or other funds, available during the fiscal year 1946, limiting the amounts which may be expended for personal serv- ices or for other purposes, or amounts which may be transferred 115 60 STAT.]