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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CHS. 390, 404 -JUNE 12, 14, 1946 two and ten one-hundredths acres of land, more or less, and that in exchange therefor the United States of America accept a perpetual easement for right-of-way purposes for roadways, trackage, drainage ditches, and similar purposes over, across, and upon nineteen acres of land owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, situated in the same vicinity. Approved June 12, 1946. 257 [CHAPTER 404] AN ACT June 14, 1946 To grant to the Federal Works Administrator certain powers with respect to site n[. R. 5407] acquisition, building construction, purchase of buildings, and other matters. [Public Law 413] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Federal Works Administrator is hereby authorized under the provisions of the Public Buildings Act of May 25, 1926, as amended (40 U. S . C . 341-347), and as hereby further amended- (a) For projects outside of the District of Columbia: To construct extensions to the marine hospitals at Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California; to purchase buildings either unencumbered or subject to existing leases where in his determination it is advanta- geous to do so and to remodel the same; and to establish the limits of cost and design new building projects where the sites are in Gov- ernment ownership, notwithstanding the fact that appropriations for construction work shall not have been made. The total limit of cost for the foregoing shall be $13,000,000, and the unobligated balances of appropriations heretofore made for the construction of projects outside the District of Columbia are hereby made available for this purpose. (b) To acquire additional land in and contiguous to the area in the District of Columbia defined in the Act of March 31, 1938 (52 Stat. 149), under a limit of cost of $2,000,000. Funds for this pur- pose are hereby made available from the unobligated balances of appropriations heretofore made for the construction of buildings outside the District of Columbia. SEC. 2 . The limit of cost for the site and building for the West Central Heating Plant, Washington, District of Columbia, author- ized in the First Supplemental Civil Functions Appropriation Act, 1941, as amended by Public Law 371, Seventy-seventh Congress, approved December 23, 1941, is hereby increased to $7,750,000. SEC. 3 . For the extension of the site of the Barge Office, New York, New York, and to permit the city of New York to proceed with the development of its highway system, the Federal Works Administra- tor is hereby authorized to exchange a portion of the site of the Barge Office, for land owned by the city upon such terms and condi- tions as are mutually satisfactory to the Administrator and the city government of New York. SEC. 4 . The last two provisos of section 2 of the Act of August 27, 1935, as amended (40 U. S . C. 304b), beginning with the words: "Provided further, That the amount so charged against any Federal agency * * *" to the end of the section are hereby repealed. Section 3 of the Act of August 27, 1935, as amended (40 U. S . C . 304c), is hereby amended to read as follows: "The Commissioner of Public Buildings is authorized to procure space by lease, on such terms and for such period not in excess of five years as he may deem in the public interest, for the housing of any Federal agency or agencies outside of the District of Colum- bia, except the Post Office Department, and to assign and reassign 80634°-47-PT. -I 17 44 Stat. 630. Projects outside D. C. Cost limitation. Acquisition of land. 40 U.S. C.C 341 note. West Central Heat- ing Plant. 54 Stat. 1036; 65 Stat. 866 . Barge Office site, N.Y . Exchangeof lands. Repeal. 49 Stat. 888. 49 Stat. 886 . Lease of space, etc.