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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 404-JUNE 14, 1946 Survey reallocation, etc., ofoffcespace. 37 tat. 718. Leasing of storage space, D. C. 47 Stat. 412. Communications services. Nonapplicability. Approval of build- ing sketches, plans, etc. such space. To the extent that the appropriations of the Public Buildings Administration not otherwise required are inadequate therefor, the Commissioner of Public Buildings may require each Federal agency to which leased space has been assigned to pay promptly by check to the Public Buildings Administration out of its available appropriations, either in advance or during occupancy of such space, all or part of the estimated cost of rent, repairs, alter- ations, maintenance, operation, and moving: Provided, That when space in a building is occupied by two or more agencies, the Com- missioner of Public Buildings shall determine and equitably appor- tion rental, operation, and other charges on the basis of the total amount of space so leased." SEC. 5 . The Commissioner of Public Buildings is authorized to maintain a survey of the use of Government-owned and leased office space in the larger metropolitan centers and the District of Columbia, including adjacent areas, and to study and determine the extent to which consolidation, reassignment, and reallocation of office space, including the cancellation of uneconomical leases, would be advan- tageous to the Government. Where he finds uneconomical use of space in buildings operated or leased by the Public Buildings Administration, he shall direct and prescribe its economical use or its surrender. Where such conditions are found to exist in space operated or leased by others than the Public Buildings Administra- tion, he shall report his findings to those responsible therefor to the end that economical use of office space and cooperation between all agencies of the Government on space problems may be achieved. This section shall not apply to the Executive Mansion and Office of the President, buildings under the jurisdiction of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, buildings in or under the legislative branch of the Government, buildings structurally or domestically main- tained by the Architect of the Capitol, or to buildings operated by the Post Office Department. SEC. 6. That portion of the Act of March 2, 1913 (40 U. S. C. 36), pertaining to the leasing of storage space in the District of Columbia, is hereby amended to read as follows: "The Commissioner of Public Buildings is authorized to enter into contracts for the leasing, for periods of not exceeding five years, of storage accommodations within the District of Columbia for the use of the several activities of the Government, subject to the provisions of section 322 of the Act of June 30, 1932, as amended (40 U. S. C. 278a), payable from appropriations that Congress may from time to time make for rent of buildings in the District of Columbia: Pro- vided, That the authority granted herein shall also extend to the head of any department or establishment of the Government to which an appropriation is made specifically for the rental of storage accom- modations within the District of Columbia." SEC. 7. The Commissioner of Public Buildings is authorized to provide and operate public utility communications services serving one or more governmental activities, in and outside the District of Columbia, where it is found that such services are economical and in the interest of the Government. This section does not apply to com- munications systems for handling messages of a confidential or secret nature, or to the operation of cryptographic equipment or transmis- sion of secret, security, or coded messages, or to buildings operated or occupied by the Post Office Department, except upon request of the department or agency concerned. SEC. 8. Hereafter, subject to applicable provisions of existing law relating to the functions in the District of Columbia of the National 258 [60 STAT.