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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 404-JUNE 14, 1946 Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Commission of Fine Arts, only the Commissioner of Public Buildings shall be required to approve sketches, plans, and estimates for buildings to be con- structed by the Public Buildings Administration, except in the case of buildings designed for post-office purposes which shall be approved by the Commissioner of Public Buildings and the Postmaster General. SEC. 9. In the prosecution of construction projects or planning programs assigned to the Public Buildings Administration for which funds are provided by direct appropriation or transferred under authority contained in the Act of June 15, 1938 (40 U. S . C . 265), an amount administratively determined as necessary for the pay- ment of salaries and expenses of personnel engaged upon the prepa- ration of plans and specifications, field supervision, and general office expense, may be transferred and consolidated on the books of the Treasury Department into a special account for direct expenditure in the prosecution of said work, such expenditures to be subsequently allocated and reported upon by projects in accordance with proce- dures prescribed by the General Accounting Office. SEC. 10. The Federal Works Administrator is hereby authorized to dispose of that parcel of land situated in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, described as lot numbered 71 in square 234, improved by premises 2218 Thirteenth Street Northwest, together with the improvements thereon, in such manner and upon such terms as he may deem to be for the best interest of the United States, to convey the said land, together with improvements thereon, to the purchaser thereof by quitclaim deed, and to deposit the proceeds of said sale in the Treasury of the United States as miscellaneous receipts. SEC. 11. The Federal Works Administrator is hereby authorized to assume permanent custody and control for the use of the Public Buildings Administration, without reimbursement, of that portion of the Denver Ordnance Plant, Denver, Colorado (which has been declared surplus and assigned to the Public Buildings Administration as disposal agency by the Surplus Property Administration), com- prised of section 9, and the west half of the west half of section 10, township 4 south, range 69 west, the tract numbered 1, township 4 south, range 69 west (railroad right-of-way), located in section 4, and tract numbered 1 (pump house property), comprising an area one hundred and five feet by four hundred feet located in section 34, township 3 south, range 69 west, together with all buildings, appur- tenances, equipment, and supplies necessary for the maintenance, operation, and protection of the area described, and the Public Buildings Administration may operate the plant and assign and reassign space to such Federal agencies as may be accommodated therein. SEC. 12 . The Federal Works Administrator is authorized to con- vey, upon such terms as he shall deem to be in the public interest, that parcel of land, together with the improvements thereon, described as "All of block 172, City of Portland, in the City of Portland, County of Multnomah, State of Oregon", in exchange for any lands in such city which, in his determination, are more suitable for use as a site for the erection of a new Federal building. Approved June 14, 1946. 259 Transfer of funds. 52Stat.683 . Disposal of land, D.C . Denver Ordnanee Plant. Portland, Oreg. Conveyance.