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79TH CONG., 2 D SESS.-CH. 30- -FEB . 18, 1946 the limitation in said latter appropriation for personal services in the District of Columbia shall be increased from "$397,500" to "$529,000". Bureau of Mines Enforcement of Federal Explosives Act, $27,900. Investigation of raw-material resources for steel production (national defense), $180,000. Construction and equipment of helium plants, $260,000. Manganese beneficiation pilot plants and research (national defense), $50,000. Production of alumina from low-grade bauxite, aluminum clays and alunite (national defense), $200,000. Investigation of bauxite and alunite ores and aluminum clay deposits (national defense), $350,000. Magnesium pilot plants and research (national defense), $150,000. Investigation of deposits of critical and essential minerals in the United States and its possessions (national defense), $420,000. GOVERNMENT IN THE TERRITORIES Emergency fund, Territories and island possessions (national defense), $332,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Legal activities and general administration: Salaries and expenses, War Division, $100,000. Federal Bureau of Investigation: Salaries and expenses, detection and prosecution of crimes (emergency), $1,240,000. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Office of the Secretary: Salaries and expenses (national defense), $1,388. Salaries and expenses, safety and health program (national defense), $60,000. Children's Bureau: Grants to States for emergency maternity and infant care (national defense), $8,113,600: Provided, That such reduced amount shall not affect the amount to be allotted to the States for administrative expenses as authorized in the Department of Labor Appropriation Act, 1946. WAR DEPARTMENT The Panama Canal: Maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal, $5,000,000. In all, executive departments, $54,107,572. In all, title I, $2,945,503,585. Miscellaneous Provisions, Title I REDUCTIONS IN CONTRACT AUTHORIZATIONS Contract authorizations of the departments and agencies available in the fiscal year 1946 are hereby reduced in the sums hereinafter set forth: EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Emergency funds appropriated to the President: Defense aid- lend-lease, $600,000,000. 59 Stat 345. Post, p. 625 . Post, p . 222. 59 Stat. 182. 59 Stat. 184 . 59 Stat. 38L 59 Stat. 364 . State allotments. 59 Stat. 361 . 59 Stat. 42. Total. 59 Stat. 414, 429. 60 STAT.] 11