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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 pupils, and applicable appropriations may be used for the purchase of not to exceed two hundred motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, and such vehicles may be used for the transportation of Indian school pupils. Replacement of property destroyed by fire, flood, or storm: To meet possible emergencies not exceeding $35,000 of the appropriations made by this Act for education of Indians, maintenance of buildings, reser- vation administration, the Alaska native service, and conservation of health among Indians shall be available, upon approval of the Sec- retary, for replacing any buildings, equipment, supplies, livestock, or other property of those activities of the Indian Service above referred to which may be destroyed or rendered unserviceable by fire, flood, or storm: Provided, That any diversions of appropriations made here- under shall be reported to Congress in the annual Budget. Appropriations herein made for reservation administration, educa- tion of Indians, and conservation of health among Indians shall be available for the purchase of supplies, materials, and repair parts, for storage in and distribution from central warehouses, garages, and shops, and for the maintenance and operation of such warehouses, garages, and shops, and said appropriations shall be reimbursed for services rendered or supplies furnished by such warehouses, garages, or shops to any activity of the Indian Service. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is hereby authorized to acquire by transfer without exchange of funds (for three years beginning July 1, 1946), from the War Department, the Navy Department, the Depart- ment of Agriculture, or the War Assets Administration, equipment, materials, and supplies of all kinds, with an appraised value of not to exceed $6,300,000 from the surplus stores of these agencies, for use in the schools, hospitals, and agencies, or by any operating division of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the United States and Alaska: Provided, That the authorization in this paragraph for transfer of surplus property to the Bureau of Indian Affairs shall not be construed to deny to veterans the priority accorded to them in obtaining surplus property under Public Law 375, approved May 3, 1946. Appropriations herein made for the Indian Service shall be avail- able for travel expenses; the purchase of ice, and the purchase of rub- ber boots for official use of employees. The following appropriations herein made for the Indian Service shall be available for hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft: "Management, Indian forests and range resources"; "Suppressing forest and range fires on Indian reservations" "Alaska native service"; and "Salaries and expenses, reservation administration". BUREAU OF RECLAMATION Supplies, etc. Transfer of surplus property. Veterans' priority. Ante, p. 168. Travel expenses, etc. Aircraft. Administrative provisions: Sums appropriated in this Act for the Bureau of Reclamation shall be available for all expenditures author- ized by the Act of June 17, 1902, and Acts amendatory thereof or sup- 43 Usat. C . 391 plementary thereto, known as the reclamation law, and all other 411. Acts under which expenditures are authorized, including personal services in the District of Columbia; disseminating useful informa- tion, photographing and making photographic prints, and completing and distributing material, including recordings; examination of esti- mates for appropriations in the field; refunds of overcollections and deposits for other purposes; lithographing, engraving, printing, and binding; purchase (not to exceed five hundred and eighty-four in fiscal year 1947), maintenance, and operation of passenger vehicles; acquisi- vehiles tion (not to exceed five in fiscal year 1947 from any disposal agency of the Government without reimbursement or transfer of funds), 363 60 STAT.]