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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 543-JULY 8, 1946 necessary subsistence for both; employment and support of such beneficiaries; and maintenance, repair, and operation of one motor- propelled passenger-carrying vehicle; $301,000. BUREAU OF SHIPS MAINTENANCE OF BUREAU OF SHIPS For designing hulls, machinery, and equipment of naval vessels, except armament; experimental, developmental, and research work; maintenance, repairs, renewal, and alterations of hulls, machinery, and equipment of naval vessels, nonnaval vessels operated for naval requirements, and yard and district craft except machinery and equip- ment under the cognizance of other bureaus; docking of vessels; leasing of laying up facilities and docks, not to exceed $1,125,000; maritime salvage services and other purposes in connection there- with authorized by law; relief of vessels in distress; hire of lighters, tugs, and small craft; charter and hire of vessels for auxiliary pur- poses where considered necessary by the Secretary of the Navy; pay, subsistence, and incidental expenses of civilian crews temporarily employed on naval vessels; equipage, appliances, supplies, materials, and services, at home and abroad, under the cognizance of the Bureau of Ships; searchlights and fire-control equipment for antiaircraft defense at shore stations; maintenance and operation of the Naval Communication Service (including teletype), the experimental model basin, Carderock, Maryland, and the engineering experiment station Annapolis, Maryland, including maintenance and equipment of buildings and grounds and appurtenances; purchase, installation, repair, and preservation of machine tools, plant appliances, and equipment (including furniture in industrial activities) in naval establishments or private plants; accident prevention; incidental expenses for naval vessels, naval shipyards and stations, and other activities under the cognizance of the Bureau of Ships, such as photo- graphing, plans, stationery, drafting instruments and other materials; and technical books and publications for said Bureau; $443,750,000: Provided, That no part of this or any other appropriation contained in this Act shall be available for or on account of the supply or replace- ment of table linen, dishes, glassware silver, and kitchen utensils for use in the residences or quarters of officers on shore, except for messes temporarily set up on shore for bachelor officers and officers attached to seagoing or district defense vessels, to aviation units based on sea- going vessels, to the fleet air bases, to the submarine bases, or to landing forces and expeditions. BUREAU OF ORDNANCE ORDNANCE AND ORDNANCE STORES, NAVY For developing and for research incidental thereto, procuring, pro- ducing, preseng, g, and handling ordnance supplies, material, and equipment for naval purposes; for essential equipment, facilities, machine tools, including replacements, and services at naval or private establishments to expedite the production of ordnance material; minor improvements (not to exceed $20,000 upon any building project of a permanent character), maintenance, operation, and other necessary expenses of naval ordnance shore activities; technical books and peri- odicals; maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled and other freight and passenger-carrying vehicles at such activities; target practice; and for care and operation of schools at Dahlgren Virginia; Indianhead, Maryland; Hawthorne, Nevada; Inyokern, California; Antiaircraft defense at shore stations. Machin tools, plant appliances, etc. Tableware, etc., in omoers' quarters. Expediting produ- tion. Care and operation of schoo. 485 60 STAT.]