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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 543-JULY 8, 1946 or officers on shore as a cook, waiter, or other work of a character per- formed by a household servant, but nothing herein shall be construed as preventing the voluntary employment in any such capacity of a retired enlisted man or a transferred member of the Fleet Reserve without additional expense to the Government, nor the sale of meals to officers by general messes on shore as regulated by detailed instruc- tions from the Navy Department; Subsistence: For provisions for messes, subsistence in messes, com- muted rations, including commuted rations for enlisted personnel on leave at 65 cents per diem, and other subsistence in kind; midshipmen's rations at 85 cents per diem; subsistence in kind in hospital messes of female nurses, hospital corpsmen, and other enlisted personnel on duty in hospitals, active duty enlisted personnel, active and inactive retired enlisted personnel and members of the Fleet Reserve when sick and in hospitals, credited, when applicable, to the appropriation "Medical Department, Navy", at the rate of 80 cents per ration; sub- sistence of supernumeraries on naval vessels because of war conditions, including expenses heretofore incurred for such purpose; subsistence of Navy and Marine Corps general courts-martial prisoners under- going imprisonment; money allowances for subsistence and quarters of enlisted personnel when not furnished quarters or subsistence in kind, and for enlisted personnel absent from messes on temporary duty not involving travel (during which time all other subsistence shall be stopped); total subsistence, $102,590,000; In all, for pay and subsistence of naval personnel, $996,840,000, and the money herein specifically appropriated for "Pay and subsistence, Navy", shall be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with exist- ing law and shall constitute one fund: Provided,That until September 1,1946, qualified enlisted men of the Navy, Naval Reserve, and Marine Corps may be appointed to the Naval Academy after nine months of service. In addition to the foregoing amount, the Secretary of the Navy is hereby directed to transfer to this appropriation, at such time during the fiscal year 1947 as he may deem advisable, not to exceed $500,000,000 from the naval stock fund: Provided, That the cash working capital of the naval stock fund shall not be reduced below $50,000,000 as the result of such transfer. TRANSPORTATION AND RECRUITING OF NAVAL PERSONNEL For mileage and actual and necessary expenses and per diem in lieu of subsistence as authorized by law to officers and nurses while travel- ing under orders, including expenses when on duty with traveling recruiting parties, and the cost of a compartment or such other accom- modations as may be authorized by the Secretary for security when secret documents are transported by officer messenger or when valu- able naval property is transported as hand baggage by personnel of the Naval Establishment, and expenses of attendance, at home and abroad, upon meetings of technical, professional, scientific, and other similar organizations when, in the judgment of the Secretary, such attendance would be of benefit in the conduct of the work of the Navy Department; for mileage at 5 cents per mile to midshipmen entering the Naval Academy while proceeding from their homes to the Naval Academy for examination and appointment, and for transportation of midshipmen, including reimbursement of traveling expenses, while traveling under orders after appointment, and transportation in kind and subsistence to discharged midshipmen; transportation and sub- sistence of enlisted personnel upon discharge, including enlisted per- sonnel discharged on medical survey to their homes if residents of the United Stqtes; transportation of enlisted personnel and applicants 487 Total. Appointment of en- listed men to Naval Academy. Transfer of funds. Limitation. Secret documents. Midshipmen.